Libraries for working with various layers of the network.

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fxsjy GoNN Neural Network in GoLang Feature BackPropagation Network / RBF Network / Perceptron Network Parallel BackPropagation Network (each neural has its

hadihammurabi GoRe (Go Requester) Simple HTTP client for Go Example g := gore.New( gore.WithBaseURL(""), ) resp, err := g.Get("/entities"

schollz broadcast A simple Go server that broadcasts any data/stream usage data You can POST data. curl -X POST --data-binary "@111.png" localhost:9222/test.p

joeirimpan listmonk-messenger Lightweight HTTP server to handle webhooks from listmonk and forward it to different messengers. Supported messengers Pinpoint Deve

CloudSnorkel Cloud-Z Cloud-Z gathers information and perform benchmarks on cloud instances in multiple cloud providers. Cloud type, instance id, and type CPU infor

progrium localtunnel What happened to localtunnel? After pioneering instant public tunnels to localhost, many people copied the project and started businesses

codazoda X2 An (eventually encrypted) private photo album for home network use. Getting Started The server should run on any Mac, Linux, or Windows machine but

ruoshan Auto-portforward (apf) A handy tool to automatically set up proxies that expose the remote container's listening ports back to the local machine. Just

uptrace Distributed tracing backend using OpenTelemetry and ClickHouse Uptrace is a distributed tracing system that uses OpenTelemetry to collect data and Cli

gleam-lang Hackney Bindings to Erlang's HTTP client, hackney. import gleam/hackney import gleam/http.{Get} import gleeunit/should pub fn main() { // Prepare a

mrusme =============================================================================== INTERACTIVE ASYNC / FULL DUPLEX ===============

umputun sys-agent System agent is a simple service reporting server status via HTTP GET request. usage $ sys-agent -l :8080 -v "root:/" -v "data:/mnt/data" Ap

org-arl DirectSockets A light-weight high-performance UDP sockets library. Background The Julia standard library Sockets provides a great UDPSocket implementa

LeakIX l9fuzz Fuzzes various protocols with JNDI LDAP payloads and listen for ping backs Features Low CPU/Memory footprint Integrated LDAP server Trace orign

gelleson It is simple proxy to work with tcp connection

grafana Jsonnet Language Server A Language Server Protocol (LSP) server for Jsonnet. Features Jump to definition self-support.mp4 dollar-support.mp4 Error/War

ClashDotNetFramework Experimental-Clash A rule-based tunnel in Go with experimental features. Features Local HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS server with authentication support VMess, Sha

lorin Learning DNS by modeling it with ALloy Alloy is a great tool to use for learning an unfamiliar domain by incrementally modeling it. I've never really

nanopack Shaman Small, clusterable, lightweight, api-driven dns server. Quickstart: # Start shaman with defaults (requires admin privileges (port 53)) shaman -

vulcand Vulcand Vulcand is a programmatic extendable proxy for microservices and API management. It is inspired by Hystrix and powers Mailgun microservices in

nebo15 Annon Annon API Gateway Annon is a configurable API gateway that acts as a reverse proxy with a plugin system. Plugins are reducing boilerplate that m

3scale APIcast APIcast is an API gateway built on top of NGINX. It is part of the Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform. Getting started Features Developmen

motiv-labs An API Gateway written in Go This is a lightweight API Gateway and Management Platform that enables you to control who accesses your API, when they ac

eBay Neutrino is a software load balancer(SLB) is used by eBay to do L7 Switching and Load Balancing for eBay’s test infrastructure. It is build using Scal

docker libchan: like Go channels over the network Libchan is an ultra-lightweight networking library which lets network services communicate in the same way

binwiederhier ntfy (pronounce: notify) is a simple HTTP-based pub-sub notification service. It allows you to send notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer, entirely without signup or cost. It's also open source (as y

openp2p-cn English|δΈ­ζ–‡ What is OpenP2P It is an open source, free, and lightweight P2P sharing network. As long as any device joins in, you can access them anywhe

PaddlePaddle δΈ­ζ–‡ | English PaddleDTX PaddleDTX is a solution that focused on distributed machine learning technology based on decentralized storage. It solves the d

Sina-Ghaderi Transparent TLS and HTTP proxy serve and operate on all 65535 ports, with domain regex whitelist and rest api control

yuval-k A IPFS backed storage implementation for docker/OCI registry. This Project brings together cloud-native and peer-to-peer by enabling you pull images d

seventeenman aScan A high-performance concurrent scanner written by go, which can be used for survival detection, tcp port detection, and web service detection. Fu