Libraries for working with various layers of the network.

Newest releases

kitabisa teler is an real-time intrusion detection and threat alert based on web log that runs in a terminal with resources that we collect and provide by the community. ❤️

hashicorp Boundary enables identity-based access management for dynamic infrastructure. Boundary provides simple and secure access to hosts and services.

bp0lr this tool will check Concurrently the HTTP/S status code for each link agains a status code list.

screego It allows you to share your screen with good quality and low latency. Screego is an addition to existing software and only helps to share your screen

dstotijn Hetty is an HTTP toolkit for security research. It aims to become an open source alternative to commercial software like Burp Suite Pro, with powerful features tailored to the needs of the infosec and bug bounty community.

norouter The easiest multi-host & multi-cloud networking ever. No root privilege required. (Transfers loopback packets over stdio)

AkihiroSuda sshocker: ssh + reverse sshfs + port forwarder, in Docker-like CLI

tomnomnom Take a list of domains and probe for working HTTP and HTTPS servers

MilindPurswani A reverse whois tool based on Whoxy API based on @jhaddix's talk on Bug Hunter's Methodology v4.02.

kakao ipvs-node-controller is the kubernetes controller that solves External-IP (Load Balancer IP) issue with IPVS proxy mode.

rverton fast web endpoint change monitoring. for comparing responses, a selected list of http headers and the full response body is stored on a local key/value store file. no configuration needed.

ryotarai Mallet is a TCP tunnel that works like VPN. This depends on jpillora/chisel for actual TCP tunneling.

offensivedev Perform operations on URLs like extracting paths, parameter names and/or values, domain name, host name (without HTTP[s]).

lyft Clutch provides everything you need to simplify operations and in turn improve your developer experience and operational capabilities. It comes with several out-of-the-box features for managing cloud-native infrastructure, but is

bugwz Hamburg is a tool to capture data packets and time-consuming analysis. It implements the functions of packet capture, unpacking, and time-consuming analysis of requests. It mainly draws on the implementation logic of tcpokit.

ehang-io a lightweight, high-performance, powerful intranet penetration proxy server, with a powerful web management terminal.

MrMarble Teledock: A simple telegram bot that allows a telegram's user to control a docker service.

prdpx7 A simple HTTP Server to share files over WiFi via Qr Code

gh-tt scanner cloudflare's ips export better ips

zu1k An offline tool for querying IP geographic information and CDN provider.

pion rtsp-bench is a WebRTC server that pulls from an RTSP feed, and then re-distributes via WebRTC. It generates a report.csv with the CPU Usage and connected PeerConnection count.

renproject In distributed systems, message passing often requires marshaling/unmarshaling messages in order to send them over the network. This is also useful for writing messages to logs, for persistence and debugging.

felixonmars 仿 Linux shell 文件处理命令的百度网盘命令行客户端.

adamyi This was used for UNSW's Web Application Security course (COMP6443 and COMP6843), for which we are running 50+ challenges with 100+ containers.

juandiii Jetson is an HTTP monitoring service used to notify by various messaging platforms such as Slack, coming soon Telegram

dwisiswant0 Check an IP is Owned by Cloudflare.

1ndianl33t Take a list of URLs and returns their HTTP response codes

plexsystems sinker syncs container images from one registry to another. This is useful in cases when you rely on images that exist in a public container registry, but need to pull from a private registry.

iawia002 👾 Annie is a fast, simple and clean video downloader built with Go.

novalagung 🚴When your site is running with HTTPS enabled, and tried to embed an URL or perform an API call towards external URL which is HTTP (not HTTPS).

tinode Instant messaging platform. Backend in Go. Clients: Swift iOS, Java Android, JS webapp, scriptable command line; chatbots

pion Add WebRTC sources to OBS. A user can share their desktop or Webcam directly from the browser. Stream P2P directly to a users browser! No servers, 3rd party services or public IP required.

Static-Flow GoFingerprint is a Go tool for taking a list of target web servers and matching their HTTP responses against a user defined list of fingerprints.