Libraries for working with various layers of the network.

Newest releases

akitasoftware The Akita CLI for watching network traffic, automatically generating API specs, and diffing API specs.

AZ-X An Advanced DNS Stub with Freedom, Privacy and Security

operandinc ABCS is a simple HTTP server which can be used to send and receive iMessages programmatically on a machine running macOS.

Narasimha1997 A simple command line tool using which you can skip phone number based SMS verification by using a temporary phone number that acts like a proxy

google gNXI Tools - gRPC Network Management/Operations Interface Tools

evilsocket ShieldWall embraces the zero-trust principle and instruments your server firewall to block inbound connections from every IP on any port, by default. The website allows you to push policies to your agents and temporarily unlock ce

deepvalue-network DeepValueNetwork is a peer-to-peer database network managed and hosted by its community. It contains a browser to render 2D/3D content and allow the creation of scripted applications built on top of the p2p database network and m

genkami Backend-agnostic, lightweight pub/sub library which makes it easy for Go applications to communicate with each other.

dennis-tra 📦 Command line peer-to-peer data transfer tool based on libp2p.

evilsocket Ditto is a small tool that accepts a domain name as input and generates all its variants for an homograph attack as output, checking which ones are available and which are already registered.

nikoksr Notify arose from my own need for one of my api server running in production to be able to notify me when, for example, an error occurred. The library is kept as simple as possible to allow a quick integration and easy usage.

LockGit gochat is a lightweight im server implemented using pure go🚀

Dreamacro Clash - A rule-based tunnel in Go.

viertaxa CUP – The Cloudflare (DNS) Updater Program

chromedp Package chromedp is a faster, simpler way to drive browsers supporting the Chrome DevTools Protocol in Go without external dependencies (like Selenium or PhantomJS).

jfyne Real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML in Go. Inspired by and borrowing from Phoenix LiveViews.

brendonferreira Reactive HTML Server Side Rendered by Golang over WebSockets

pzentenoe This library is used to make http calls to different API services

dushixiang Next Terminal是使用Golang和React开发的一款HTML5的远程桌面网关,具有小巧、易安装、易使用、资源占用小的特点,支持RDP、SSH、VNC和Telnet协议的连接和管理。

gaowanliang A Telegram Bot that can control your Aria2 server, control server files and also upload to OneDrive.

edoger This package is a library of ZKits project. This library provides an efficient and easy-to-use HTTP client.

mr-karan doggo is a modern command-line DNS client (like dig) written in Golang. It outputs information in a neat concise manner and supports protocols like DoH, DoT as well.

lonng Zetamesh is used to build a layer-three local area network on the WAN.

lightningnetwork The Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) - is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node. lnd has several pluggable back-end chain services including btcd (a full-node), bitcoind, and neutrino (a new experimental light client

btcsuite An alternative full node bitcoin implementation written in Go (golang)

Mrs4s 使用 mirai 以及 MiraiGo 开发的cqhttp golang原生实现, 并在cqhttp原版的基础上做了部分修改和拓展.

ReddyyZ Directory/Subdomain scanner developed in GoLang.

sampointer Look up region and other information for any AWS IP address

jpillora Cloud torrent is a a self-hosted remote torrent client, written in Go (golang). You start torrents remotely, which are downloaded as sets of files on the local disk of the server, which are then retrievable or streamable via HTTP.

gosnmp GoSNMP is an SNMP client library fully written in Go. It provides Get, GetNext, GetBulk, Walk, BulkWalk, Set and Traps. It supports IPv4 and IPv6, using SNMPv2c or SNMPv3. Builds are tested against linux/amd64 and linux/386.

mainflux Mainflux is modern, scalable, secure, open-source, and patent-free IoT cloud platform written in Go. It accepts user and thing connections over various network protocols (i.e. HTTP, MQTT, WebSocket, CoAP), thus making a seamless b

mehrdadrad TCPProbe is a tool for network path and service monitoring. It exposes information about socket’s underlying TCP session, TLS and HTTP (more than 60 metrics). the request is highly customizable.

Hackl0us 🇨🇳 最小巧、最准确、最实用的 中国大陆 IP 段 + GeoIP2 数据库 🇨🇳