The Go Programming Language

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficie

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coreswitch zebra zebra is an open source implementation as a successor of GNU Zebra and Quagga project. zebra is implemented in Go programming language to fit in container or virtual machine environment. Getting started zebra us

brigadecore Brigade: Event-based Scripting for Kubernetes Script simple and complex workflows using JavaScript. Chain together containers, running them in parallel or serially. Fire scripts based on times, GitHub events, Docker pushes, o

cosmtrek Air ☁️ Live reload for Go apps 🔥 🔥 🔥 JOB HIRING Motivation When I get started with developing websites in Go and gin framework, it's a pity that gin lacks live-reloading function. In

vedhavyas Cuckoo Filter Practically better than Bloom Filter. Cuckoo filters support adding and removing items dynamically while achieving even higher performance than Bloom filters. For applications that store many items and target modera

alexkohler unimport unimport is a Go static analysis tool to find unnecessary import aliases. Installation go get -u Usage Similar to other Go static anaylsis tools (such as golint, go

saracen kubeql Kubeql, pronounced "cubicle", is a SQL-like query language for Kubernetes resources. It might be handy for simple queries, but at the moment, it is very much a toy project for me to learn about parsers, lexers and evaluat

MarquisIO go-grpcmw go-grpcmw provides a package and a protobuf generator for managing easily grpc interceptors. The package can be used without the protobuf generator. However, using both together will allow you to avoid writing redundan

neugram Neugram Neugram is a scripting language and shell. It is an early-stage experimental hobby project. You can install from HEAD with: go get -u The language uses Go's syntax for expressions and follows its type