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mattn When compiling Go to WebAssembly, the Go compiler assumes the WebAssembly is going to run in a JavaScript environment. Hence a wasm_exec.js file is provided by the Go compiler and must be used.

kubecube-io KubeCube is an open source enterprise-level container platform that provides enterprises with visualized management of Kubernetes resources and unified multi-cluster-multi-tenant management functions. KubeCube can simplify applica

go-tk Tiny dependency injection framework

AkihiroSuda apt-transport-oci is an apt-get plugin to support distributing *.deb packages over an OCI registry such as ghcr.io .

mosn Layotto is an application runtime developed using Golang, which provides various distributed capabilities for applications, such as state management, configuration management, and event pub/sub capabilities to simplify application

hashicorp This is the common codebase for the official providers for VMware desktop products: Fusion, Player, and Workstation. This therefore works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

akhilrex Hammond is a self hosted vehicle management system to track fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles. It supports multiple users sharing multiple vehicles. It is the logical successor to Clarkson which has not been

megaease Easegress (formerly known as EaseGateway)is an all-rounder traffic orchestration system, which is designed for: High Availability: Built-in Raft consensus & leader election makes 99.99% availability. Traffic Orchestrat

AkihiroSuda Lima launches Linux virtual machines on macOS, with automatic file sharing, port forwarding, and containerd.

1ntEgr8 An rss reader that doesn't try to do too much

alibaba Docker can build a rootfs+application of an operating system into a container image. Sealer regards kubernetes as an operating system. The image created on this higher abstraction is a CloudImage.

gaowanliang MoeClub wrote a very good version, but unfortunately it's not open source and hasn't been updated in a while. This project is a simple upload tool separate from DownloadBot, designed to be a lightweight way to quickly upload data

rajveermalviya This module contains pure Go implementation of the Wayland protocol. Currently only wayland-client functionality is supported.

spatial-go Our organization spatial-go is officially established! The first open source project Geoos(Using Golang) provides spatial data and geometric algorithms.

findmentor-network Build Setup go get github.com/findmentor-network/backend make build <$ ./backend Findmentor API Usage: backend [command] Available Commands: a

unsafecast WordIDE Have you ever wondered: How would it feel like to write code in a word processor? Me neither. But after monthsminutes of planning, I present t

suadev Go Restful Microservices and KrakenD API Gateway Workshop This is a shopping basket workshop that shows how to use KrakenD API Gateway. Consist of 5 m

kubernetes-sigs Kubernetes Proxy NG The Kubernetes Proxy NG a new design of kube-proxy aimed at allowing Kubernetes business logic to evolve with minimal to no impact

brentadamson A comprehensive list of alternatives to your favorite software

reactive-tech Kubegres is a Kubernetes operator allowing to deploy a cluster of PostgreSql pods with data replication enabled out-of-the box. It brings simplicity w

godruoyi An Lock Free ID Generator for Golang based on Snowflake Algorithm (Twitter announced). Description An Lock Free ID Generator for Golang implementation

shabarkin AWS Service Enumeration Disclaimer The tool is in beta stage (testing in progress), no destructive API Calls used ( read only actions ). I hope, there

projectdiscovery PD Actions Continuous reconnaissance and vulnerability assessment using GitHub Actions Advantages Free 2000 minutes/month of cloud scans. Fully automa

idgenchev Namespace Node Affinity Namespace Node Affinity is a Kubernetes mutating webhook which provides the ability to define node affinity for pods on a name

leaanthony A library for parsing ANSI encoded strings Go ANSI Parser converts strings with ANSI escape codes into a slice of structs that represent styled text.

adamlouis squirrelbyte 🐿️ squirrelbyte is a "proof of concept" document / search server backed by sqlite. see it at https://squirrelbyte.com/ server server is

aws-samples The main purpose of this project is to provide a Terraform framework to help you get started on deploying EKS Clusters in multi-tenant environments using Hashicorp Terraform with AWS and Helm Providers.

assetnote Kiterunner Introduction For the longest of times, content discovery has been focused on finding files and folders. While this approach is effective fo

deref Unirepo Unirepo is an extremely opinionated TypeScript build tool. Typical monorepo management tools in the Node.js ecosystem provide automation aroun

joaoofreitas Challenge Generator A program that generates a folder structure with challenges and projects for mastering a programming language. Explore the docs »

kazuminn vulsbeat Welcome to vulsbeat.Please push Star. This software allows you Vulnerability scan results of vuls can be imported to Elastic Stack. You can d

udaya2899 Opinionated Go starter with gin for REST API, logrus for logging, viper for config with added graceful shutdown

deislabs OCI Registry As Storage Registries are evolving as Cloud Native Artifact Stores. To enable this goal, Microsoft has donated ORAS as a means to enable