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edgelesssys EGo lets you build, debug und run Go apps on Intel SGX - as simple as conventional Go programming!

wolfeidau This project provides some working examples using Go the hotwire/turbo library published by basecamp.

cblgh Created in response to the environs of apathy concerning the use of hypertext search and discovery.

benbjohnson This project provides a real-time dashboard for teams to view how f-cked up they currently are. Each team member provides input to specify the level at which they feel the team is currently messed up. These values range from 0% (m

while1malloc0 The hotwire demo chat written in Golang

salesforce Terraform provider for Policy Sentry (IAM least privilege generator and auditor)

gofabian Flo = Let Concourse CI Fly with Drone Syntax

rfyiamcool waitgroup that supports context and timeout.

k3rn31p4nic WebCord is a Discord client that uses WebView to bring Discord's webapp to Desktop for a lightweight Discord experience.

micro Micro services for your own personal use

zpeters The goal of stashbox is to help you create your own - personal copy of websites that you wish to archive.

lanyulei 本系统是集工单统计、任务钩子、权限管理、灵活配置流程与模版等等于一身的开源工单系统,当然也可以称之为工作流引擎。 致力于减少跨部门之间的沟通,自动任务的执行,提升工作效率与工作质量,减少不必要的工作量与人为出错率。

gsquire This is a rough translation of Go's snappy library for Zig. For now it only implements decoding the block format.

nkanaev yarr is a server written in Go with the frontend in Vue.js. The storage is backed by SQLite.

go101 Gold is a Go local docs server, Go docs generator, and a Go code reader. It tries to extract as much information as possible from Go code to help gophers use and study Go packages.

nx-go 🧩 Nx plugin to use Go in a Nx workspace

v2fly This project manages a list of domains, to be used as geosites for routing purpose in Project V.

henrylee2cn High-performance struct field accessor based on unsafe pointers.

tj Package fixture provides test assertions using test fixtures with nice line diffs, and an -update flag for bootstrapping & updating fixtures.

lithdew Go bindings to QuickJS: a fast, small, and embeddable ES2020 JavaScript interpreter.

Crosse font-install is a cross-platform utility to install fonts on a system. It can install fonts on Linux, OSX, or Windows systems. Given a ZIP file, it will even install all font files within the archive.

eminetto Clean Architecture sample

tj Sponsors API is a GitHub Sponsors server for displaying sponsor avatars in your project Readme. It looks like this:

google Exposure Notification Reference Server | Covid-19 Exposure Notifications

yolossn Prometheus is a system monitoring and alerting system. It was opensourced by SoundCloud in 2012 and was incubated by Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Prometheus stores all the metrics data as time series, i.e metrics information

kyoh86 gordon - Go released binaries manager

1ndianl33t Take a list of URLs and returns their Paths , params , subs.

zhangguanzhang prometheus exporter for harbor

bluek8s The BlueK8s open source initiative will include a number of projects to help bring enterprise-level capabilities for distributed stateful applications to Kubernetes.

codilime This project integrates multiple parts of "as-code" experience in Spinnaker, eg. API, Sponnet, Pipeline Templates for a complete GitOps workflow.

tektoncd The Tekton Pipelines project provides k8s-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines.

rocicorp This is a shared native library used by all Replicache clients. Currently it is implemented by via of GoMobile, which means it is usable only by iOS an Android.

presslabs WordPress operator enables managing multiple WordPress installments at scale.