Libraries that implement messaging systems.

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Buzz2d0 pingser Use pingser to create client and server based on ICMP Protocol to send and receive custom message content. examples source code: ./examples Us

sinamna Chiz Broker: a broker for fun ChizBroker is a fast and simple GRPC based implementation of kafka. Features: Ready to be deployed on kubernetes Prometh

shaswata56 A high-level RabbitMQ driver for Golang.

NishanthSpShetty Lignum is a distributed message queue, implementing something like kafka in go using Consul as cluster management service.

rabbitmq An AMQP 0-9-1 Go client maintained by the RabbitMQ team.

OpenIMSDK Instant messaging server. Backend in pure Golang, wire transport protocol is JSON over websocket.

kha7iq PingMe is a personal project to satisfy my needs of having alerts, most major platforms have integration to send alerts but its not always useful, either you are stuck with one particular platform, or you have to do alot of integr

c16a Hermes Hermes is a tiny MQTT compatible broker written in Go. The goals of the project are as below Easy to compile, and run Tiny footprint Extensible

queer 신경 신경 /ɕʰinɡjʌ̹ŋ/ • sin-gyeong (try it with IPA Reader) nerve Nerve /nərv/ • noun (in the body) a whitish fiber or bundle of fibers that transmits imp

hoorayman a distributed chat system which can be used as chat rooms or state synchronization

dominikbraun buneary, pronounced bun-ear-y, is an easy-to-use RabbitMQ command line client for managing exchanges, managing queues and publishing messages to exchanges.

mostafa This is a k6 extension using the xk6 system.

mattermost It's written in Golang and React and runs as a single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

batchcorp RabbitMQ wrapper for steadway/amqp that supports auto-reconnects

vmihailenco[Go] MessagePack encoding for Golang

mkocikowski Package libkafka is a low level library for producing to and consuming from Kafka 2.3+. It has no external dependencies. It is not modeled on the Java client. All API calls are synchronous and all code executes in the calling goro

mkocikowski This is a high-level kafka client based on the low level libkafka library. It is meant as an alternative to Sarama for producing high volumes of messages.

nats-io NATS is a simple, secure and performant communications system for digital systems, services and devices. NATS is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). NATS has over 30 client language implementation

mustafaturan 🔊 Bus Bus is a minimalist event/message bus implementation for internal communication. It is heavily inspired from my event_bus package for Elixir language. Installation Via go packages: go get

joncrlsn dque - a fast embedded durable queue for Go dque is: persistent -- survives program restarts scalable -- not limited by your RAM, but by your disk space FIFO -- First In First Out embedded -- compiled into

Clivern Beaver A Real Time Messaging Server. Beaver is a real-time messaging server. With beaver you can easily build scalable in-app notifications, realtime graphs, multiplayer games, chat applications, geotrackin

nsqio Source: Issues: Mailing List: [email protected] IRC: #nsq on freenode Docs: Twitter: @nsqio NSQ is a realt

benthosdev Benthos is a high performance and resilient message streaming service, able to connect various sources and sinks and perform arbitrary actions, transformations and filters on payloads. It is easy to deploy and monitor, and r

savecost Vgo Rebuild the way of instant messaging, connecting server-side,app-user,web-user by pub/sub. Homepage: ###Project status Under refactoring Features Pub/Sub Multiple clients can su

alash3al Websocketify (wsify) v2.0 Just a tiny, simple and realtime pub/sub messaging service Why I wanted to create a tiny solution that can replace pusher and similar services and learning more about the

goiiot libmqtt Feature rich modern MQTT library in pure Go, for Go, C/C++, Java Table of contents Features Usage Topic Routing Session Persist Benchmark Extensions LICENSE Features

sandglass Sandglass is a distributed, horizontally scalable, persistent, time ordered message queue. It was developed to support asynchronous tasks and message scheduling which makes it suitable for usage as a task queue.

savecost Vgo Rebuild the way of instant messaging, connecting server-side,app-user,web-user by pub/sub. Homepage: ###Project status Under refactoring Features Pub/Sub Multiple clients can su

rgamba Postman Postman is a HTTP to AMQP reverse proxy that combines the ease of implementing an HTTP API with the benefits of async inter-service communication. Most of the HTTP services use a reverse proxy (nginx, Apache, e

siadat System V message queue IPC functions Wrapper functions for System V Message Queue IPC. Example package main import ( "log" "syscall" "" ) func main() { key, err := ipc.Ftok("

MasslessParticle GoQ Package Goq provides a lightweight, extensible, in-memory message broker. go get Running tests: go get go get go install

ridwanmsharif mqueue (Go) In-memory message broker in Go over an HTTP API using a concurrent, thread-safe publisher/subscriber architecture with multiple topics. Installation $ go get $ c