Machine Learning libraries for Go Lang - Linear regression, Logistic regression, etc.

package ml - Machine Learning Libraries ###import "" Package ml provides some implementations of usefull machine learnin
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alonsovidales package ml - Machine Learning Libraries ###import "" Package ml provides some implementations of usefull machine learnin

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kevwan chatbot English | 简体中文 项目说明 chatbot 是一个通过已知对话数据集快速生成回答的 Go 问答引擎。比 ChatterBot 快非常多,我们在1.2亿对话上的对比结果是:ChatterBot 回答需要21秒,chatbot 只需要18毫秒。 bot 问答引擎 cli tr

spiceai is an open source, portable runtime for training and using deep learning on time series data.

jpierer a* pathfinding algorithm written in go

csimplestring A Go implementation of the core algorithm in paper <Indexing Boolean Expression>

kleveross ORMB helps you manage your Machine Learning/Deep Learning models with image registry. It makes your models easy to create, version, share and publish.

LdDl Generative adversarial networks Recipe for simple GAN in Golang ecosystem via Gorgonia library Table of Contents About Why Instruments Usage Code expl

nikolaydubina Typically, Go is dealing with structured single sample data. Thus, we are focusing on tabular machine learning models only, such as popular XGBoost. It is common to run Go service in a backed form and on Linux platform, thus we do not consider other deployment options. In the work bellow, we compare typical implementations on how this inference task can be performed.

mazznoer Golang linear partition library