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sjwhitworth GoLearn GoLearn is a 'batteries included' machine learning library for Go. Simplicity, paired with customisability, is the goal. We are in active deve

alonsovidales package ml - Machine Learning Libraries ###import "" Package ml provides some implementations of usefull machine learnin

sudachen Deep Neural Networks for Golang (powered by MXNet)

rocketlaunchr ⭐   the project to show your appreciation. ↗️ Dataframes are used for statistics, machine-learning, and data manipulation/exploration. You can think o

soypat μ8 Genetic algorithm for machine learning. Inspired by CodeBullets amazing video on the subject. This is a work in progress Steps Natural selection. M

xntrik hcltm Threat Modeling with HCL Overview There are many different ways in which a threat model can be documented. From a simple text file, to more in-d

oguzhankiyar Get Started introduction installation Basics hello scopes imports simple multiple alias lifecycle comments simple multiline documentation semicolons v

kevwan chatbot English | 简体中文 项目说明 chatbot 是一个通过已知对话数据集快速生成回答的 Go 问答引擎。比 ChatterBot 快非常多,我们在1.2亿对话上的对比结果是:ChatterBot 回答需要21秒,chatbot 只需要18毫秒。 bot 问答引擎 cli tr

LdDl Generative adversarial networks Recipe for simple GAN in Golang ecosystem via Gorgonia library Table of Contents About Why Instruments Usage Code expl

spiceai is an open source, portable runtime for training and using deep learning on time series data.

jpierer a* pathfinding algorithm written in go

csimplestring A Go implementation of the core algorithm in paper <Indexing Boolean Expression>

kleveross ORMB helps you manage your Machine Learning/Deep Learning models with image registry. It makes your models easy to create, version, share and publish.

nikolaydubina Typically, Go is dealing with structured single sample data. Thus, we are focusing on tabular machine learning models only, such as popular XGBoost. It is common to run Go service in a backed form and on Linux platform, thus we do

mazznoer Golang linear partition library

kubeedge Sedna is an edge-cloud synergy AI project incubated in KubeEdge SIG AI. Benefiting from the edge-cloud synergy capabilities provided by KubeEdge, Sedna can implement across edge-cloud collaborative training and collaborative infer

WeBankFinTech Prophecis is a one-stop machine learning platform developed by WeBank. It integrates multiple open-source machine learning frameworks, has the multi tenant management capability of machine learning compute cluster, and provides fu

wangkuiyi GoTorch reimplements PyTorch high-level APIs, including modules and functionals, in idiomatic Go. Thus enables deep learning programming in Go and Go+. This project is in its very early stage.

steve0hh Go implementation of MIDAS: Microcluster-Based Detector of Anomalies in Edge Streams

vdaas Vald is a highly scalable distributed fast approximate nearest neighbor dense vector search engine.

nlpodyssey spaGO is a beautiful and maintainable machine learning library written in Go designed to support relevant neural network architectures in natural language processing tasks

aunum Overview Goro is a high-level machine learning library for Go built on Gorgonia. It aims to have the same feel as Keras. Usage import ( . "" "

aunum Overview Gold is a reinforcement learning library for Go. It provides a set of agents that can be used to solve challenges in various environments. The library further contains a composable tooling for creating age

aiff22 Replacing Mobile Camera ISP with a Single Deep Learning Model 1. Overview [Paper] [PyTorch Implementation] [Project Webpage] This repository provides the implementation of the RAW-to-RGB mapping approac

weaviate Weaviate The GraphQL-based Search Graph Semantic Search engine Automatic Classification Knowledge Representation Documentation Documentation. Getting Started Guide. Sup

flyteorg Flyte Flyte is an open source, K8s-native extensible orchestration engine that manages the core machine learning pipelines at Lyft: ETAs, pricing, incentives, mapping, vision, and more. Community Ho

dathoangnd gonet gonet is a Go module implementing multi-layer Neural Network. Install Install the module with: go get Import it in your project: import "

vearch Overview Vearch is a scalable distributed system for efficient similarity search of deep learning vectors. Architecture Data Model space, documents, vectors, scalars Components M

c-bata Goptuna Distributed hyperparameter optimization framework, inspired by Optuna. This library is particularly designed for machine learning, but everything will be able to optimize if you can define the objective func

olivia-ai 💁‍♀ ️ Your new best friend Website — Chat online — Blog — Changelog — Getting started — Projects — Contributors — License Getting started Installation D

target A chatbot framework written in Go. All configurations are made in YAML files, or inside scripts written in your favorite language.

mattn go-tflite Go binding for TensorFlow Lite Usage model := tflite.NewModelFromFile("sin_model.tflite") if model == nil { log.Fatal("cannot load model") } defer model.Delete() options := tflite.NewInterpre