Key-Value Store

Key-Value Store implemented in Go.

Newest releases

debevv camellia 💮 A lightweight, persistent, hierarchical key-value store camellia is a Go library that implements a hierarchical, persistent key-value stor

ripienaar What? A Leader Election system that uses keys in a NATS Key-Value Store to perform leader election. How? NATS KV Buckets have a TTL, creating a bucket

nutsdb A simple, fast, embeddable, persistent key/value store written in pure Go. It supports fully serializable transactions and many data structures such as list, set, sorted set.

craftyphotons A globally-distributed, eventually-consistent, 100% available key-value store.

skeeto AtomKV is an in-memory, JSON, key-value service with compare-and-swap updates and event streams. It supports CORS and hosts its own JavaScript library, so any page on any domain can use it seamlessly.

cockroachdb Pebble is a LevelDB/RocksDB inspired key-value store focused on performance and internal usage by CockroachDB. Pebble inherits the RocksDB file formats and a few extensions such as range deletion tombstones, table-level bloom filt

sdslabs Kiwi - a minimalistic in-memory key value store.

recoilme A simple and efficient thread-safe key/value store for Go

ipfs go-ds-crdt is a key-value store implementation using Merkle CRDTs, as described in the paper by Héctor Sanjuán, Samuli Pöyhtäri and Pedro Teixeira. It satisfies the Datastore and Batching interfaces from go-datastore.

prologic bitcask A high performance Key/Value store written in Go with a predictable read/write performance and high throughput. Uses a Bitcask on-disk layout (LSM+WAL) similar to Riak For a more feature-complete Re

poonai Aran Aran is an embedded key value storage based on new research paper Efficient Key-Value Stores with Ranged Log-Structured Merge Trees Usage opts := aran.DefaultOptions() db, err := aran.New(opts) i

alash3al a fast NoSQL DB, that uses the same RESP protocol and capable to store terabytes of data, also it integrates with your mobile/web apps to add real-time features, soon you can use it as a document store cause it shoul

joomcode RedisPipe RedisPipe – is a client for redis that uses "implicit pipelining" for highest performance. Highlights Introduction Performance Limitations Installation Usage Contributing License

namreg Godown A simple, distributed, fault-tolerant key-value storage inspired by Redis. It uses Raft protocotol as consensus algorithm. It supports the following data structures: String, Bitmap, Map, List. H

buraksezer Olric Distributed cache and in-memory key/value data store. It can be used both as an embedded Go library and as a language-independent service. With Olric, you can instantly create a fast, scalable, shared poo

akrylysov Pogreb Pogreb is an embedded key-value store for read-heavy workloads written in Go. Key characteristics 100% Go. Optimized for fast random lookups and infrequent bulk inserts. Can store larger

homerchen19 The finest NBA CLI. Watch NBA live play-by-play, game preview, box score and player information on your console. Best CLI tool for those who are both NBA fans and Engineers. All data comes from API

thedevsaddam Snapshot Robust, Persistent, Key-Value (KV) store purely written in Golang Installation $ go get Usage package main import ( "fmt" "

Leviathan1995 A centralized distribution memory caching system

emluque DSCache An embeddable Key/Value (Strings) in memory store for golang (similar to Memcached but for a Local Machine). Main Characteristics: Size Limits to limit the ammount of memory usage. Allows for

schollz jsonstore 🏪 JSONStore is a Go-library for a simple thread-safe in-memory JSON key-store with persistent backend. It's made for those times where you don't need a RDBMS like MySQL, or a NoSQL like MongoDB - bas

couchbase moss moss provides a simple, fast, persistable, ordered key-val collection implementation as a 100% golang library. moss stands for "memory-oriented sorted segments". Features ordered key-val collec

allegro BigCache Fast, concurrent, evicting in-memory cache written to keep big number of entries without impact on performance. BigCache keeps entries on heap but omits GC for them. To achieve that operations on bytes