An image resizing server written in Go

picfit picfit is a reusable Go server to manipulate images (resize, thumbnail, etc.). It will act as a proxy on your storage engine and will be served ideally behind an HTTP cache system like varnish. It supports multiple
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mattn go-sixel Installation $ go get You can install gosr (go sixel renderer), gosd (go sixel decoder) with following installatio

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TheZoraiz ascii-image-converter is a command-line tool that converts images into ascii art and prints them out onto the console. It is cross-platform so both Windows and Linux distributions are supported

RH12503 Triangula uses a modified genetic algorithm to triangulate images. It works best with images smaller than 3000px and with fewer than 3000 points, typically producing an optimal result within a couple of minutes.

makeworld-the-better-one didder is an extensive, fast, and accurate command-line image dithering tool. It is designed to work well for both power users as well as pipeline scripting. It is backed by my dithering library, and is unique in its correctness and variety of dithering algorithms.

RH12503 An iterative algorithm to generate high quality triangulated images. Introduction Triangula uses a modified genetic algorithm to triangulate images. I

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eleby Pixelizer is an image pixelizer written in go. It allows very simple and intuitive CLI pixelization.

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matsuyoshi30 Fast (linear time) implementation of the Gaussian Blur algorithm in Go.

matsuyoshi30 Germanium is an alternative to Carbon and Silicon implemented in Go.