Personal Photo Management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow

PhotoPrism: Browse your life in pictures PhotoPrism is a server-based application for browsing, organizing and sharing your personal photo collection. It makes use of the latest technologies to automatically tag and find

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buchanae Ink is a framework for creative 2D graphics in Go, based on OpenGL. Visit for more. Example: a simple triangle Install: go get (Building Ink is a little tricky, becaus

webp-sh Documentation | Website This is a Server based on Golang, which allows you to serve WebP images on the fly. It will convert jpg,jpeg,png files by default, this can be customized by editing the config.json.. currently supported im

kdomanski iso9660 A package for reading and creating ISO9660 Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions are not supported. Examples Extracting an ISO package main import ( "log" "" )

mksha Proffer is a cross platform command line tool to copy and share the cloud images across multiple regions and accounts. It is a lightweight tool that can be used on any major platform.

stapelberg The qrbill package implements generating QR-bill QR codes

micheleriva Gauguin (pronounced /ˈɡoʊɡæ̃/) is an high performances Golang server that generates dynamic opengraph images at runtime.

trashhalo a tool to output images as RGB ANSI graphics on the terminal

muesli Track your GitHub projects in InfluxDB and create beautiful graphs with Grafana