Libraries for manipulating images.

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sugyan ttygif Generate an animated GIF by playing ttyrecord (by ttyrec) and taking screenshots of your terminal. About ttyrec see In

mattn go-sixel Installation $ go get You can install gosr (go sixel renderer), gosd (go sixel decoder) with following installatio

neguse goi - The “Quite OK Image” format encoder / decoder for Go. QOI - The “Quite OK Image” - is losslessly image format that offering speedup both compres

xfmoulet QOI - The “Quite OK Image” format for fast, lossless image compression package and small utilities in pure Go, quite OK implementation See qoi.h for t

RedDeadAlice Go-Pong A Pong video game clone made with Go lang and OpenGL 3.3 using C. Gameplay Offline Key bindings are 'w' and 's' for the left player and 'up ar

RH12503 An iterative algorithm to generate high quality triangulated images. Introduction Triangula uses a modified genetic algorithm to triangulate images. I

stapelberg This repository contains a decoder for EU Digital COVID Certificate (EUDCC) QR code data, written in Go.

TheZoraiz ascii-image-converter is a command-line tool that converts images into ascii art and prints them out onto the console. It is cross-platform so both Windows and Linux distributions are supported

RH12503 Triangula uses a modified genetic algorithm to triangulate images. It works best with images smaller than 3000px and with fewer than 3000 points, typically producing an optimal result within a couple of minutes.

makeworld-the-better-one didder is an extensive, fast, and accurate command-line image dithering tool. It is designed to work well for both power users as well as pipeline scripting. It is backed by my dithering library, and is unique in its correctness a

liamg GIFs in your terminal

nikolaydubina go-featureprocessing Perfect for low latency machine learning inference of data models in Go Fast and easy feature processing in Go with feature parit

eleby Pixelizer is an image pixelizer written in go. It allows very simple and intuitive CLI pixelization.

jdxyw generativeart generativeart is a Go package to generate many kinds of generative art. The goal is to collect some excellent generative art (implemente

matsuyoshi30 Fast (linear time) implementation of the Gaussian Blur algorithm in Go.

matsuyoshi30 Germanium is an alternative to Carbon and Silicon implemented in Go.

makeworld-the-better-one dither is a library for dithering images in Go. It has many dithering algorithms built-in, and allows you to specify your own. Correctness is a top priority, as well as performance. It is designed to work well on its own, but also

vanderkilu Concurrent image ripper/downloader from in go

zhoreeq An imageboard, but images are stored in a peer-to-peer network

n7olkachev imgdiff isn't as fast as a tool like this should be and I'm not proud of it, but it is 3X faster than the fastest in the world pixel-by-pixel image difference tool, so maybe you'll find it useful.

tv42 Bella renders text to graphics and prints it on a label maker using IPP/CUPS.

muesli Track your GitHub projects in InfluxDB and create beautiful graphs with Grafana

autom8ter dagger is a blazing fast, concurrency safe, mutable, in-memory directed graph implementation with zero dependencies

trashhalo a tool to output images as RGB ANSI graphics on the terminal

micheleriva Gauguin (pronounced /ˈɡoʊɡæ̃/) is an high performances Golang server that generates dynamic opengraph images at runtime.

stapelberg The qrbill package implements generating QR-bill QR codes

mksha Proffer is a cross platform command line tool to copy and share the cloud images across multiple regions and accounts. It is a lightweight tool that can be used on any major platform.

kdomanski iso9660 A package for reading and creating ISO9660 Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions are not supported. Examples Extracting an ISO package main import ( "log" "

webp-sh Documentation | Website This is a Server based on Golang, which allows you to serve WebP images on the fly. It will convert jpg,jpeg,png files by default, this can be customized by editing the config.json.. currently su

buchanae Ink is a framework for creative 2D graphics in Go, based on OpenGL. Visit for more. Example: a simple triangle Install: go get (Building Ink is a little tric

mingrammer Round Round is a command-line for rounding the images. Installation go get Usage Round an image. (default option: 4 corners with 0.25 rounding rate) $ round /path/

tj Letterbox A tiny Go program to batch-process letter-boxing of photographs. Installation From $ curl -sf | sh From source: $ go get gith