Tools for managing and working with Goroutines.

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becheran roumon A goroutine monitor to keep track of active routines from within your favorite shell. Features Track live state of all active goroutines Termin

TheSquanch-147 Staking Pool Mishaps Objective I aim to have this document serve as an up-to-date register of every slashing event & rugpull that occurs across the va

DataDog Package gostackparse parses goroutines stack traces as produced by panic() or debug.Stack() at ~300 MiB/s.

higker Waiting group for collecting goroutine information.

bdxing This is a goroutine pool, which can avoid a large amount of performance consumption of creation and destruction under high concurrency, ensure the stable scheduling of modules, and automatically scale the size of the co-program po

bcicen grmon Command line monitoring for goroutines Install go get -u github.com/bcicen/grmon Usage Simply import and call grmon.Start() somewhere in your code: import "github.com/bcicen/grmon/a

workanator go-floc Floc: Orchestrate goroutines with ease. The goal of the project is to make the process of running goroutines in parallel and synchronizing them easy. Announcements Hooray! The new version v

vyasgiridhar down Multi goroutine downloader. To download: go install github.com/vyasgiridhar/down Usage: down "http://google.co.in" -g 8 -o page.html -g : Number of simultaneous threads to use -o : Output

relistan Director This package is built to make it easy to write and to test background goroutines. These are the kinds of goroutines that are meant to have a reasonably long lifespan built around a central loop. This is ofte

mtyurt Solutions to Golang concurrency exercises introduced in this blogpost. They are not ideal, subject to change, but they are all implemented without mutexes, consciously. I'm aware there is a trade-off between mutexes and channels.

Jeffail Tunny is a Golang library for spawning and managing a goroutine pool, allowing you to limit work coming from any number of goroutines with a synchronous API. A fixed goroutine pool is helpful when you have work coming from a

go-playground Package pool Package pool implements a limited consumer goroutine or unlimited goroutine pool for easier goroutine handling and cancellation. Features: Dead simple to use and makes no assumptions about how y

ivpusic grpool Lightweight Goroutine pool Clients can submit jobs. Dispatcher takes job, and sends it to first available worker. When worker is done with processing job, will be returned back to worker pool. Number of worke