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Awesome game development libraries.

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eliasdaler Ebiten Breakout Play online on A simple breakout game made in Ebiten. This is my first game made with Ebiten - a nice simple engine which allo

bitly Little Bigtable A local emulator for Cloud Bigtable with persistence to a sqlite3 backend. The Cloud SDK provided cbtemulator is in-memory and does no

aws Karpenter is an open-source node provisioning project built for Kubernetes. Its goal is to improve the efficiency and cost of running workloads on Kubernetes clusters.

SolarLune Tetra3D Tetra3D Docs Support If you want to support development, feel free to check out my / Steam / Patreon. I also have a Discord server her

triggermesh Open source event-driven integration platform powered by Kubernetes and Knative. TriggerMesh allows you to declaratively define event flows between sources and targets, with content-based filtering, splitting and processing using

softarn csgo-coach-bug-detector Detects if a coach has been abusing the "coach-bug" in games Will only be used for running on old demos so this program doesn'

tidwall geometry An efficient 2D geometry library for Go. Features Point, Rect, Line, and Polygon geometry types Operations such as Intersects, Contains, and

racerxdl Golang RISC-V emulator that can play DOOM

fatihkahveci Simple rule based matchmaking for your online game with support of Redcon(RESP) protocol.

SoftbearStudios is an online multiplayer naval combat game, in which you take command of a ship and sail your way to victory. Watch out for torpedoes!

hayabusa-cloud A game server side framework with both web API and realtime communication.

google This repository contains the open sourcing of the infrastructure developed by Stadia Games & Entertainment (SG&E) to run its operations. This entails part of the build system setup, the CICD system and a number of tools developed

xen0bit Use random bots scanning the internet to seed a Conways Game of Life running on a small LCD on my desk

Incendo A curated list of awesome (free) open-source frameworks, libraries and software for Minecraft.

tinogoehlert DOOM engine written in Go

CamiloGarciaLaRotta Terminal game to practice keyboard typing

chhabraamit A cli implementation of 2048 game in golang

lian simconnect package msfs2020-go/simconnect connects to microsoft flight simulator 2020 using golang.

JetSetIlly Gopher2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600. Whilst the performance is not as efficient as some other emulators it is none-the-less suitable for playing games, on a reasonably modern computer, at the required 60fps. (The developm

Merrit The reason for this project is to have a function on PC similar to the incredibly useful sleep/suspend function found in consoles like the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation; suspend your game (and its resource usage) at any tim

dstoiko This is a pet project to try out WebAssembly with Go (golang) in a fun way. The game should be available on my blog. You can also build it and try locally on desktop.

mbertschler Autopilot in Go for docking the SpaceX Dragon capsule in the simulator

akatsuki105 GameBoy Color emulator written in golang.

Sandertv A Minecraft library containing packages to create clients, servers, proxies and other tools, and a proxy implementation using them.

dbaumgarten Development Kit for Starbase's ingame programming language YOLOL

zladovan Gorched is terminal based game written in Go inspired by "The Mother of all games" Scorched Earth

giongto35 CloudRetro Open-source Cloud Gaming Service For Retro Games Video demo: Technical wrapup: Introduct

OpenDiablo2 OpenDiablo2 Join us on Discord! Development Live stream About this project OpenDiablo2 is an ARPG game engine in the same vein of the 2000's games, and supports playing Diablo 2. The engine is written in

bokuweb gopher-boy      Installation you can install gopher-boy with following comand. go get This emulator uses the go library pixel, which requires OpenGL. You

HFO4 Gameboy.Live 🕹️ Gameboy.Live is a Gameboy emulator written in go for learning purposes. You can simply play Gameboy games on your desktop: Or, "Cloud Game" in your terminal with a single command: telnet game

AppsComTr Spaceship Multiplayer game backend framework Features Authentication support with fingerprint and Facebook account Built-in friendship mechanism Passive turn-based, active turn-based and real tim

s32x gamedetect gamedetect is a simple API that uses a trained neural network to identify games that are within the top 100 currently on Twitch (as of March 2019). The full list of supported games can be seen here. The