Libraries for working with forms.

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joncalhoun Form Easily create HTML forms with Go structs. Overview The form package makes it easy to take a Go struct and turn it into an HTML form using whatever HTML format you want. Below is an example, along w

justinas nosurf nosurf is an HTTP package for Go that helps you prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks. It acts like a middleware and therefore is compatible with basically any Go HTTP application. Why? Even t

gorilla gorilla/csrf gorilla/csrf is a HTTP middleware library that provides cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection. It includes: The csrf.Protect middleware/handler provides CSRF protection on routes attached to

albrow Forms Forms is a lightweight, but incredibly useful go library for parsing form data from an http.Request. It supports multipart forms, url-encoded forms, json data, and url query parameters. It also provides helper m

monoculum formam A Go package to decode HTTP form and query parameters. The only requirement is Go 1.10 or later. Features Infinite nesting for maps, structs and slices. Support UnmarshalText() interface in va

go-playground Package form Package form Decodes url.Values into Go value(s) and Encodes Go value(s) into url.Values. It has the following features: Supports map of almost all types. Supports both Numbered and Normal ar

leebenson Conform- keep user input in check (go, golang) Trim, sanitize, and modify struct string fields in place, based on tags. Update Jan 12, 2016 -- Now also works with embedded structs Turns this... type Person struct {

mholt binding Reflectionless data binding for Go's net/http Features HTTP request data binding Data validation (custom and built-in) Error handling Benefits Moves data binding, validati