An interesting executable file parsing library written by Golang

An interesting executable file parsing library written by Golang
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jiro4989 slotchmod changes file permission with a slot. This is a useful tool when you want to mess up file access permissions.

m-manu A fast and simple tool to find duplicate files (photos, videos, music, documents) on your computer, portable hard drives etc.

aymanbagabas FSS3 is an S3 filesystem abstraction layer for Golang that implements most of fs, and io interfaces, and os functions. It is based on minio-go which makes it compatible with any S3 compliant service.

go-pdf A PDF document generator with high level support for text, drawing and images

stephenafamo A PDF renderer for the goldmark markdown parser

go-swiss Fonts is a package that provides helpers to access font details and easily retrive font bytes with ZERO dependencies

billziss-gh HUBFS is a read-only file system for GitHub and Git. Git repositories and their contents are represented as regular directories and files and are accessible by any application, without the application having any knowledge that it is really accessing a remote Git repository.

Jacalz Wormhole-gui is a cross-platform graphical interface for magic-wormhole that lets you easily share files, folders and text between devices. It uses the Go implementation of magic-wormhole, called wormhole-william, and compiles statically into a single binary

soypat Recreate embedded filesystems from embed.FS type in current working directory.

hahwul 🏵 Gee is tool of stdin to each files and stdout. It is similar to the tee command, but there are more functions for convenience. In addition, it was written as go

juicedata JuiceFS is an open-source POSIX file system built on top of Redis and object storage (e.g. Amazon S3), designed and optimized for cloud native environment. By using the widely adopted Redis and S3 as the persistent storage, JuiceFS serves as a stateless middleware to enable many applications to share data easily.

benbjohnson Implementation of io/fs.FS that appends SHA256 hashes to filenames to allow for aggressive HTTP caching.

arisetransfer Transfer file between two devices using gRPC streams.

fcharlie An interesting executable file parsing library written by Golang

goreleaser fileglob is a glob library that uses gobwas/glob underneath and returns only matching files or direcories, depending on the configuration