Embeddable Scripting Languages

Embedding other languages inside your go code.

Newest releases

jedisct1 This is Zigly. A library to write Compute@Edge services in pure Zig. What is Compute@Edge? Compute@Edge is Fastly's service to run custom code directl

goolord alpha-nvim alpha is a fast and highly customizable greeter for neovim. share or snipe some custom themes @ https://github.com/goolord/alpha-nvim/discu

lucasepe Home of g2D Programming Language - Create beautiful drawings using an ad hoc interpreted language.

augustoroman V8 Bindings for Go The v8 bindings allow a user to execute javascript from within a go executable. The bindings are tested to work with several recent v8 builds matching the Chrome builds 54 - 60 (see the .travis.ym

ian-kent Purl Scripting in Go - it's Perl, but fluffy like a 🐱 Embedded Perl 5.20.1 Call native Go functions via XS Evaluates any Perl code with persistent state Thanks to Campher for a pointer in the right di

yuin GopherLua: VM and compiler for Lua in Go. GopherLua is a Lua5.1 VM and compiler written in Go. GopherLua has a same goal with Lua: Be a scripting language with extensible semantics . It provides

aarzilli Go Bindings for the lua C API Simplest way to install: # go get -u github.com/aarzilli/golua/lua Will work as long as your compiler can find a shared object called lua5.1 on linux, or lua anywhere else. If your lin

sbinet go-python Naive go bindings towards the C-API of CPython-2. this package provides a go package named "python" under which most of the PyXYZ functions and macros of the public C-API of CPython have been exposed. the

deuill PHP bindings for Go This package implements support for executing PHP scripts, exporting Go variables for use in PHP contexts, attaching Go method receivers as PHP classes and returning PHP variables for use in Go con

Shopify A Lua VM in pure Go go-lua is a port of the Lua 5.2 VM to pure Go. It is compatible with binary files dumped by luac, from the Lua reference implementation. The motivation is to enable simple scripting of Go applica

olebedev Duktape bindings for Go(Golang) Duktape is a thin, embeddable javascript engine. Most of the api is implemented. The exceptions are listed here. Usage The package is fully go-getable, no need to install

jcla1 gisp - Simple LISP in Go

mattn Anko Anko is a scriptable interpreter written in Go. (Picture licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, photo by Ocdp) Usage Example - Embedded package main import ( "fmt" "log" "github.com/mattn/anko/env

mna The agora programming language Agora is a dynamically typed, garbage collected, embeddable programming language. It is built with the Go programming language, and is meant to provide a syntactically similar, loose and d