Date and Time

Libraries for working with dates and times.

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SinanYilmaz9 Android Developer Roadmap 2022 This repo was created with the goal of being an up-to-date roadmap for Android developers. Languages 🌍 Programming lan

cappuccinotm Time Ranges Package trn introduces a Range type with useful methods to perform complex operations over time ranges. Install and update go get -u githu

iporsut tu - Time Util package tu is a time util for golang Install go get Usage Get datetime before or after specific datetime import

oz 🌐 A time zone helper tz helps you schedule things across time zones. It is an interactive TUI program that displays time across a few time zones of y

lovung Date type in Golang Unit testing NullDate support Some methods to working with Date type

golang-module carbon 是一个轻量级、语义化、对IDE友好的日期时间处理库,是PHP Carbon库的Golang实现版本,初衷是为了摆脱Golang反人类的2006-01-02 15:04:05格式化时间设计

hepsiburada GoLang date time format - Helpful to convert normal date/time format into GoLang date/time format.

templexxx Get unix time (nanoseconds) in blazing low latency. About 10x~100x faster than time.Now().UnixNano().

pingcap-incubator A high-performance timeline tracing library for Golang, used by TiDB

cabify timex timex is a test-friendly replacement for the time package. Usage Just replace your time.Now() by a timex.Now() call, etc. Mocking Use timex.Override(...) to replace the current implemen

tj Go Natural Date Natural date time parsing for Go. This package was designed for parsing human-friendly relative date/time ranges in Apex Logs' command-line log search. Examples Here are some examples of the

kofoworola GODATE Godate is a date toolkit for golang for easy date manipulation highly inspired by php's carbon Carbon Installation go get Usage The GoDate struct is simply

antonmedv Terminal Countdown Timer Usage Specify duration in go format 1h2m3s. countdown 25s Add command with && to run after countdown. countdown 1m30s && say "Hello, world"

olebedev when when is a natural language date/time parser with pluggable rules and merge strategies Examples tonight at 11:10 pm at Friday afternoon the deadline is next tuesday 14:00 drop me a line n

leekchan timeutil - useful extensions to the golang's time package timeutil provides useful extensions (Timedelta, Strftime, ...) to the golang's time package. Quick Start go get ex

yaa110 Go Persian Calendar Go Persian Calendar v0.3 provides functionality for conversion among Persian (Solar Hijri) and Gregorian calendars. A Julian calendar is used as an interface for all conversions. The package nam

grsmv Goweek Simple ISO 8601-compatible library for working with week entities for Go programming language. Rewrite of old Ruby gem Usage: // importing: import "" // initializing gowee

jinzhu Now Now is a time toolkit for golang Install go get -u Usage Calculating time based on current time import "" time.Now() // 2013-11-18 17:51:49.1

hako durafmt durafmt is a tiny Go library that formats time.Duration strings into a human readable format. go get Why If you've worked with time.Duration in Go, you most likely hav