Database Drivers

Libraries for connecting and operating databases.

Newest releases

HDT3213 A Golang implemented Redis Server and Cluster. Go 语言实现的 Redis 服务器和分布式集群

go-rel mssql Microsoft SQL Server adapter for REL. Example package main import ( "context" _ "" "

SafeGroceryStore MDAT 一款用于数据库攻击的利用工具,集合了多种主流的数据库类型。由 Ch1ng & j1anFen 共同完成开发。 起因 由于各种数据库攻击利用工具需要各种环境导致使用相当不便,便萌生了开发此工具的想法,将常用的数据库集合在一起并且优化当时工具的一些不足。工具没有神仙技巧,都是网上现成的 POC

jsdryan CVE-2021-26855 CVE-2021-26855 ssrf 简单利用 golang 练习 影响版本 Exchange Server 2013 小于 CU23 Exchange Server 2016 小于 CU18 Exchange Server 2019 小于 CU7 利用条件 该漏洞不

neilotoole sq is a command line tool that provides jq-style access to structured data sources such as SQL databases, or document formats like CSV or Excel.

auxten PostgreSQL style Parser splitted from CockroachDB

AdRoll Baker is a high performance, composable and extendable data-processing pipeline for the big data era. It shines at converting, processing, extracting or storing records (structured data), applying whatever transformation between i

tal-tech 基于 go-zero 构建的 ClickHouse 的大数据数据同步、存储、计算系统。

zalando The Postgres Operator delivers an easy to run highly-available PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes (K8s) powered by Patroni. It is configured only through Postgres manifests (CRDs) to ease integration into automated CI/CD pipelines

cloudquery cloudquery exposes your cloud configuration and metadata as sql tables, providing powerful analysis and monitoring without writing code.

jmrobles Apache H2 Go SQL Driver。Apache H2 Database is a very-low footprint database with in-memory capabilities.

djordjev Database-centric tool for running migrations against PostgreSQL database.

ClickHouse Golang SQL database driver for Yandex ClickHouse

prisma Prisma Client Go is an auto-generated query builder that enables type-safe database access and reduces boilerplate. You can use it as an alternative to traditional ORMs such as gorm, xorm, sqlboiler and most database-specific tool

qiniu Qmgo - The MongoDB dirver for Go . It‘s based on official MongoDB driver but easier to use like Mgo

ksensehq EventNative is an open source, high-performance, event collection service. Capture all events your application generates and stream to your preferred Data Warehouse with current support for RedShift and BigQuery. EventNative can b

lesovsky Harmful workload generator for PostgreSQL.

georgysavva Go favors simplicity, and it's pretty common to work with a database via driver directly without any ORM.

RenzHoly Server or client mode Edit documents with monaco editor Mongo-shell data types query grammar Smart query & sort using indexes HTTP/2 Json schema Designed with Microsoft Fluent UI Auto dark mode

yannh Backup & Restore your Redis server - FAST

go-gorm GORM sqlserver driver

go-gorm GORM PostgreSQL driver

go-gorm GORM sqlite driver

go-gorm GORM mysql driver

percona A Kubernetes Operator for Percona XtraDB Cluster

datacharmer DBdeployer is a tool that deploys MySQL database servers easily. This is a port of MySQL-Sandbox, originally written in Perl, and re-designed from the ground up in Go. See the features comparison for more detail.

flowerinthenight Tool to query/inspect DynamoDB tables.

ngrok sqlmw sqlmw provides an absurdly simple API that allows a caller to wrap a database/sql driver with middleware. This provides an abstraction similar to http middleware or GRPC interceptors but for the database/sql pa

rocketlaunchr dbq - Barbeque the boilerplate code (Now compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL!) Everyone knows that performing simple DATABASE queries in Go takes numerous lines of code that is often repetitive. If you want to a

networkteam go-sqllogger Go SQL driver adapter for logging queries and other SQL operations Any driver.Connector can be wrapped with sqllogger.LoggingConnector(SQLLogger, driver.Connector) to log Connect, Prepare, Exec, Qu

blastrain Rapidash Rapidash is a Go package for the database record or other data caching. It not only supports memcached or Redis for generic caching (e.g. get/set ) but also supports fast access to read-only data by fetch

mugli kill-mysql-query _____ ____ / \ | o | | |/ ___\| |_________/ |_|_| |_|_| kill-mysql-query interactively shows long running queries in MySQL database and provides option to kill them one by one.

purpledb Purple An all-in-one data service with support for: Key/value operations Counters and sets Flags (basically key/value pairs where the value is a Boolean with a default value of false) Caching with TTL Pur