Database Drivers

Libraries for connecting and operating databases.

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hongshengjie A mysql crud code generate tool from table DDL sql file

Dynobase Single-table Models Collection of reference single-table models for DynamoDB helping you design your models and access patterns. All models published

go-mysql-org go-mysql A pure go library to handle MySQL network protocol and replication. How to migrate to this repo To change the used package in your repo it's

hypebeast sqliteweb sqliteweb is a web-based SQLite database browser. It's written in Go. It's inspired and influenced by pgweb and sqlite-browser. Overview sql

github gh-ost GitHub's online schema migration for MySQL gh-ost is a triggerless online schema migration solution for MySQL. It is testable and provides paus

siddontang Mixer Mixer is a MySQL proxy powered by Go which aims to supply a simple solution for MySQL sharding. Features Supports basic SQL statements (select,

pingcap ⚠️ Project moved ⚠️ This repository has been moved to Discussions before:

morenoh149 Postres Database Samples copy of A collection of sample databases for PostgreSQL. Adventureworks - OLTP datab

elixir-ecto Postgrex PostgreSQL driver for Elixir. Documentation: Examples iex> {:ok, pid} = Postgrex.start_link(hostname: "localhost"

dimitri PGLoader pgloader is a data loading tool for PostgreSQL, using the COPY command. Its main advantage over just using COPY or \copy, and over using a Fo

bucardo check_postgres This is check_postgres, a monitoring tool for Postgres. The most complete and up to date information about this script can be found at:

LowLevelMahn UnifiedMT15 Reverse engineered and C ported MT15.DRV (MT32-Sound-Driver) of Stunts 1.0 and 1.1 in one source Assembler source can be rebuild to 100% b

mergestat dblite SQLite extension for accessing other SQL databases, in SQLite. Similar to how Postgres Foreign Data Wrappers enable access to other databases i

mergestat go-mysql-sqlite-server This is an experimental implementation of a SQLite backend for go-mysql-server from DoltHub. The go-mysql-server is a "frontend

kyai redis-cui Simple, visual command line tool for redis. Feature Simple and visual Server friendly Supported vim keys Same arguments as redis-cli Install

jittering traefik-kop A dynamic docker->redis->traefik discovery agent. Solves the problem of running a non-Swarm/Kubernetes multi-host cluster with a single pu

glibg10b LTT Linux daily driver challenge issues A list of issues Linus and Luke experienced during the LTT Linux Daily Driver Challenge. The issues Note: Some

NattyNarwhal VMware mouse driver for Windows 3.x Running Windows 3.1 in VMware (or seemingly, QEMU or VirtualBox, but these are not tested), but annoyed by having

rafaelhl GORM NewRelic Telemetry Plugin A plugin to allow telemetry by NewRelic Go Agent for GORM Overview Plugin implementation to add datastore segments on a

qingolang MySQL proxy backups check recovery

sivers PostgreSQL API language search PostgreSQL API functions response: We don't use PostgreSQL in the usual way. We do everything through API functions, wh

ariga entcache An experimental cache driver for ent with variety of storage options, such as: A context.Context-based cache. Usually, attached to an HTTP re

ariga entimport entimport is a tool for creating Ent schemas from existing SQL databases. Currently, MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported. The tool can import

AdamV3D Threaded-Insert-Press 3D Printed heat press tool for threaded inserts You can find a BOM stored on google sheets here:

aarroyoc postgresql-prolog A Prolog library to connect to PostgreSQL databases Compatible systems Scryer Prolog Installation The library itself are just three

HDT3213 A Golang implemented Redis Server and Cluster. Go 语言实现的 Redis 服务器和分布式集群

go-rel mssql Microsoft SQL Server adapter for REL. Example package main import ( "context" _ "" "

SafeGroceryStore MDAT 一款用于数据库攻击的利用工具,集合了多种主流的数据库类型。由 Ch1ng & j1anFen 共同完成开发。 起因 由于各种数据库攻击利用工具需要各种环境导致使用相当不便,便萌生了开发此工具的想法,将常用的数据库集合在一起并且优化当时工具的一些不足。工具没有神仙技巧,都是网上现成的 POC

jsdryan CVE-2021-26855 CVE-2021-26855 ssrf 简单利用 golang 练习 影响版本 Exchange Server 2013 小于 CU23 Exchange Server 2016 小于 CU18 Exchange Server 2019 小于 CU7 利用条件 该漏洞不

neilotoole sq is a command line tool that provides jq-style access to structured data sources such as SQL databases, or document formats like CSV or Excel.

auxten PostgreSQL style Parser splitted from CockroachDB

AdRoll Baker is a high performance, composable and extendable data-processing pipeline for the big data era. It shines at converting, processing, extracting or storing records (structured data), applying whatever transformation between i