Databases implemented in Go.

Newest releases

maragudk A simple database migration tool using an sql.DB connection and fs.FS for the migration source. It has no non-test dependencies.

nakabonne tstorage is a fast local in-memory/on-disk storage package for time-series data with a straightforward API.

auxten "Go SQL DB" is a relational database that supports SQL queries for research purposes. The main goal is to show the basic principles and key design of a relational database to database enthusiasts.

GoogleCloudPlatform El Carro is a new project that offers a way to run Oracle databases in Kubernetes as a portable, open source, community driven, no vendor lock-in container orchestration system. El Carro provides a powerful declarative API for com

k1LoW tbls is a CI-Friendly tool for document a database, written in Go.

apache BanyanDB, as an observability database, aims to ingest, analyze and store Metrics, Tracing and Logging data. It's designed to handle observability data generated by Observability platform and APM system, like Apache SkyWalking etc

golang The Go Vulnerability Database

dolthub Dolt is a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge, push and pull just like a git repository.

brokercap Bifrost ---- 面向生产环境的 MySQL 同步到Redis,MongoDB,ClickHouse,MySQL等服务的异构中间件

culion-bear NewSQL distributed storage database based on micro service framework

graphikDB An identity-aware document & graph database written in Go with support for gRPC and graphQL

VictoriaMetrics VictoriaMetrics is fast, cost-effective and scalable monitoring solution and time series database.

georgiotunson MySQL CLI that provides a command-line interface for managing your mysql databases

kristijorgji Golang is a great language and getting better as community and frameworks, but there are still a lot of pieces missing for developing fast, accurate way and avoiding repetitions.

fluid-cloudnative Fluid is an open source Kubernetes-native Distributed Dataset Orchestrator and Accelerator for data-intesive applications, such as big data and AI applications.

zombiezen Package postgrestest provides a test harness that starts an ephemeral PostgreSQL server. It is tested on macOS, Linux, and Windows. It can cut down the overhead of PostgreSQL in tests up to 90% compared to spinning up a postgres D

ledisdb Ledisdb is a high-performance NoSQL database library and server written in Go. It's similar to Redis but store data in disk. It supports many data structures including kv, list, hash, zset, set.

postgres-ai Instant clones of large PostgreSQL databases to boost development

vitessio Vitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL through generalized sharding.

simagix Keyhole is a performance analytics tool, written in GO (Golang), to collect stats from MongoDB instances and to measure performance of a MongoDB cluster. Moreover, keyhole can read MongoDB full-time diagnostic data (FTDC) data and

berty orbit-db is a distributed peer-to-peer database on IPFS. This project intends to provide a fully compatible port of the JavaScript version in Go.

codenotary immudb immudb is a lightweight, high-speed immutable database for systems and applications. With immmudb you can track changes in sensitive data in your transactional databases and then record those changes permanen

hashicorp go-memdb Provides the memdb package that implements a simple in-memory database built on immutable radix trees. The database provides Atomicity, Consistency and Isolation from ACID. Being that it is in-memory, it does

redwood 🌲 Redwood Redwood is a highly-configurable, distributed, realtime database that manages a state tree shared among many peers. Imagine something like a Redux store, but distributed across all users of an applicat

dlmiddlecote sqlstats A Go library for collecting sql.DBStats and exporting them in Prometheus format. A sql.DB object represents a pool of zero or more underlying connections that get created and freed automatically. Con

tomarrell LBADD Let's build a distributed database. LBADD is an experimental distributed SQL database, written in Go. The goal of this project is to build a database from scratch which is well documented, fully

proullon In-memory SQL engine in Go sql/driver for testing purpose

genjidb Genji Document-oriented, embedded, SQL database Table of contents Introduction Features Installation Usage Engines Genji shell Contributing Introduction Genji is a

rsc Tlogdb is a trivial transparent log client and server. It is meant as more a starting point to be customized than a tool to be used directly. A transparent log is a tamper-proof, append-only, immutable log of data records. That i

logrange Logrange - streaming database Logrange is highly performant streaming database for aggregating streams of records like application logs, system metrics, audit logs etc. from thousands of sources. Logrange provides a

codingpeasant Blocace is a distributed document database powered by the blockchain technology. Note to Developers This is a prototype. The APIs are constantly evolving and designed to demonstrate types of functionali

tidb-incubator TinySQL TinySQL is a course designed to teach you how to implement a distributed relational database in Go. TinySQL is also the name of the simplifed version of TiDB. Prerequisites Experience with Go

bregydoc Black Hole DB (WIP) BlackHoleDB (or only HoleDB) is a conceptual Key-Value distributed Database. HoleDB uses IPFS as decentralized filesystem, and BadgerDB as store for local key value pairs. Warning: BlackHole is