An easy way to add useful startup banners into your Go applications

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eleby Frongo is a Go tool to make HTML/CSS document out of Golang code. It was designed with readability and usability in mind, so HTML objects are created by chaining method calls.

vx3r Wg Gen Web Simple Web based configuration generator for WireGuard. Why another one ? All WireGuard UI implementations are trying to manage the service by applying configurations and creating net

kanmu sqlfmt Description The sqlfmt formats PostgreSQL statements in .go files into a consistent style. Example Unformatted SQL in a .go file package main import ( "database/sql" ) func sendSQL() int {

libgoost Goost Performance first Go standard library compatible collections. "go + boost = goost" as we want performance with our Go code since the core team don't want to maintain assembly code for some standard libraries. We could

evilsocket shellz is a small utility to track and control your ssh, telnet, winrm, web and custom shells and tunnels (demo). Installation A precompiled version is available for each release, alternatively you can use the latest

flanglet kanzi State-of-the-art lossless data compression in Go. The goal is to provide clean APIs and really fast implementation of common algorithms. It includes compression codecs (Run Length coding, Exp Golomb coding, Huffman, Range,

edwingeng Overview WUID is a globally unique number generator, while it is NOT a UUID implementation. WUID is 10-135 times faster than UUID and 4600 times faster than generating unique numbers with Redis. WUID generates unique 64-bi

gernest wow Beautiful spinners for Go commandline apps Install go get -u Usage package main import ( "os" "time" "" "" ) func m

kjk flex - CSS flexbox layout implementation in Go Go implementation of flexbox CSS layout algorithm. A pure Go port of Facebook's Yoga. How to use Read tutorial or look at _test.go files. Status The port is

napsy go-css This parser understands simple CSS and comes with a basic CSS syntax checker. go get Example usage: import "" ex1 := `rule { style1: value1; style2: value2; }` s

asticode This is a Golang library and CLI to parse TODOs in your GO code. It parses the comments from the AST and extract their TODOs. It can provide valuable information such as the TODO's assignee which can be filtered afterwards. Most IDEs

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crwgregory Golang Skeleton API This is a project to help you get up an running fast with a secure, light weight, extensible api structure. Skill level Intermediate This project gives you a basic structure to work with.

maddevsio Ariadna Is the open-source geocoder built on top of ElasticSearch for fast geocoding and provides better search for CIS countries What's a geocoding? Geocoding is the process of transforming input text, such as an a

raz-varren Sacrificial-Socket A Go server library and pure JS client library for managing communication between websockets, that has an API similar to Socket.IO, but feels less... well, Javascripty. Socket.IO is great, but nowadays all mod