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Libraries for scheduling jobs.

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Ja7ad Scheduler Scheduler package is a zero-dependency scheduling library for Go Install go get -u Features Scheduling your funct

Predator7158 qb-tailorjob A Tailor Job For Your Server! I used qb-weedpicking as the Base qb-weedpicking Author - Me https://github.

Predator7158 *Step 1 Add these to qb-core/shared.lua ['orange'] = {['name'] = 'orange', ['label'] = 'Orange', ['weight'] = 300, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'ora

FaultyMatrix qb-electrician Electrician Job for QBCore A quick script I put together for QBCore that allows you to have players repair electrical faults in the cit

deletescape jobtracker - a self terminating concurrent job queue for indeterminate workloads in golang This library is primarily useful for technically-recursive

froghub-io 扇区修复 Filecoin在封装或挖矿过程中,可能面临扇区数据丢失,那么就要被销毁PreCommit预质押的FIL,或者终止扇区最大损失扇区的90天的收益。扇区修复能修复丢失的文件,来减少或者避免损失。 扇区丢失的原因 1.存储盘坏盘 矿商为了降低封装成本,不得不使用裸盘做存储,来降低成本,提高自己

reugn Simple, zero-dependency scheduling library for Go, Inspired by the Quartz Java scheduler.

pfnet-research pftaskqueue: Lightweight task queue tool. Feel free to process embarrassingly-parallel tasks at scale.

go-co-op gocron is a Golang job scheduling package which lets you run Go functions periodically at pre-determined interval using a simple, human-friendly syntax.

adhocore Lightweight, fast and dependency-free Cron expression parser (due checker) for Golang (tested for v1.14 and above)

sherifabdlnaby Run Jobs on a schedule, supports fixed interval, timely, and cron-expression timers; Instrument your processes and expose metrics for each job.

ouqiang 使用Go语言开发的轻量级定时任务集中调度和管理系统, 用于替代Linux-crontab

tenstack Currently, though the default scheduler in kubernetes cannot ensure a group of pods can be scheduled, it would schedule the pods. Under some scene, it would waste resources since some pods need work together, like spark, tensorflo

kohkimakimoto HQ is implemented as a standalone JSON over HTTP API server. When you push a job to the HQ server, it stores the job in the internal queue database and sends asynchronous HTTP POST request to a URL that specified in the job.

fristonio Xene is a high performance, distributed workflow execution platform. It lets you create custom workflows in the form of a Directed Acyclic Graph, which can then be executed based on a trigger configured with the workflow.

distribworks Dkron - Distributed, fault tolerant job scheduling system for cloud native environments

holdno GopherCron - golang 开箱即用的秒级分布式定时任务系统

ovh µTask, the Lightweight Automation Engine µTask is an automation engine built for the cloud. It is: simple to operate: only a postgres DB is required secure: all data is encrypted, only visible to authorize

robfig cron Cron V3 has been released! To download the specific tagged release, run: go get[email protected] Import it in your program as: import "" It requires Go 1.11 or

uber Peloton As compute clusters scale, making efficient use of cluster resources becomes very important. Peloton is a Unified Resource Scheduler to co-schedule mixed types of workloads such as batch, stateless and stateful

jasonlvhit Note from current maintainers: A currently maintained fork of this project has been migrated to Disclaimer: we (the maintainers) tried, with no luck, to get in contact with Jason (the

changkun goscheduler goschduler is a task scheduler library with data persistence for go. Features Schedule and persist a task at a specific time Boot (an existing) task immediately Recover s

dshearer Jobber A replacement for cron, with sophisticated status-reporting and error-handling. Intro Jobber is a lightweight utility for Unix-like systems that can run arbitrary commands, or "jobs", according to a

fireworq Fireworq is a lightweight, high-performance job queue system with the following abilities. Portability - It is available from ANY programming language which can talk HTTP. It works with a single binary without

cirocosta cr 📂 The concurrent runner Overview cr is a job executor concerned with achieving the highest parallel execution possible. Given a definition of jobs and their dependencies, it builds

qvl 💤 sleepto sleepto is a simple alternative to task schedulers like Cron. It only handles the timing and doesn't run a daemon like other schedulers do. Instead we encourage you to use your systems default ini

onatm clockwerk Job Scheduling Library clockwerk allows you to schedule periodic jobs using a simple, fluent syntax. Usage go get package main import ( "fmt"

realtux dispenserd Yet Another Job Queue, But Better dispenserd is a job queue designed to be: fast, reliable, feature rich, and tailored towards the needs of developers. Primary Features No compromise on stabi

symfonycorp Croncape Croncape wraps commands run as cron jobs to send emails only when an error or a timeout has occurred. Out of the box, crontab can send an email when a job generates output. But a command is not necessarily uns

wang502 Gores An asynchronous job execution system based on Redis Installation Get the package $ go get Import the package import "" U

mcuadros Ofelia - a job scheduler Ofelia is a modern and low footprint job scheduler for docker environments, built on Go. Ofelia aims to be a replacement for the old fashioned cron. Why? It has been a long time

ovh Metronome - Distributed, fault tolerant scheduler Metronome is a distributed and fault-tolerant event scheduler. It can be used to trigger remote systems throught events (HTTP, AMQP, KAFKA). Metronome is written