Continuous Integration

Tools for help with continuous integration.

Newest releases

KhushrajRathod Automatically deploy from GitHub to Replit, lightning fast ⚡️

typical-go Typical Go - A Build-Tool (+ Framework) for Golang

palantir bulldozer is a GitHub App that automatically merges pull requests (PRs) when (and only when) all required status checks are successful and required reviews are provided.

mattn Go integration for continuous code coverage tracking system.

concourse Concourse: the continuous thing-doer. Concourse is an automation system written in Go. It is most commonly used for CI/CD, and is built to scale to any kind of automation pipeline, from simple to complex. Concourse i

ovh CDS: Continuous Delivery Service CDS is a pipeline based Continuous Delivery μservice written in Go. /!\ This project is under active development. Documentation Documentation is available here

go-playground overalls - Multi-Package go project coverprofile for tools like goveralls

drone Drone is a Continuous Integration platform built on container technology. Every build is executed inside an ephemeral Docker container, giving developers complete control over their build environment with guaranteed isolation.