Libraries for configuration parsing.

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pterm 💻 PTerm | Pretty Terminal Printer A golang module to print pretty text Show Demo Code Installation | Documentation | Examples | Q&A | Contributing ⭐

TomWright dasel Dasel (short for data-selector) allows you to query and modify data structures using selector strings. Comparable to jq / yq, but supports JSON,

jware-solutions Gura Gura is a file format for configuration files. Gura is as flexible as YAML and simple and readable like TOML. Its syntax is clear and powerful, y

kris-nova Not another markup language. Framework for replacing Kubernetes YAML with Go.

kris-nova How you can use Go to replace YAML files with Kubernetes.

sethvargo Retry is a Go library for facilitating retry logic and backoff. It's highly extensible with full control over how and when retries occur. You can also write your own custom backoff functions by implementing the Backoff interface.

kkyr fig fig is a tiny library for loading an application's config file and its environment into a Go struct. Individual fields can have default values defined or be marked as required. Why fig? D

knadh koanf (pronounced conf; a play on the Japanese Koan) is a library for reading configuration from different sources in different formats in Go applications. It is a cleaner, lighter alternative to spf13/viper with better abstract

jinzhu Configor Golang Configuration tool that support YAML, JSON, TOML, Shell Environment (Supports Go 1.10+) Usage package main import ( "fmt" "" ) var Config = struct { APPName

google Starlark in Go This is the home of the Starlark in Go project. Starlark in Go is an interpreter for Starlark, implemented in Go. Starlark was formerly known as Skylark. The new import path for Go packages is "go.sta

syyongx CConf Introduction CConf is a Go package for handling configurations in Go applications. cconf references ozzo-config, but higher performance. Download & Install go get

stevenroose Description gonfig is a configuration library designed using the following principles: The configuration variables are fully specified and loaded into a struct variable. You only need one statement to load th

google Skylark in Go This is the home of the Skylark in Go project. Skylark in Go is an interpreter for Skylark, implemented in Go. Skylark is a dialect of Python intended for use as a configuration language. Like Python, it is a

kevinburke ssh_config This is a Go parser for ssh_config files. Importantly, this parser attempts to preserve comments in a given file, so you can manipulate a ssh_config file from a program, if your heart desires. It's designed

damnever cc is a Golang library for configuration management. Only support JSON and YAML. Installation go get -u Usage c, _ := cc.NewConfigFromFile("./example/example.yaml")

HeavyHorst Remco remco is a lightweight configuration management tool. It's highly influenced by confd. Remcos main purposes are (like confd's): keeping local configuration files up-to-date using data stored in a key/value

go-akka HOCON (Human-Optimized Config Object Notation) HOCON Docs. Currently, some features are not implemented, the API might be a little changed in the future. example.go package main import ( "fmt" "

pureconfig Its goal is to suck less than other configuration file formats.

homemade Sepia Configuration Language The Sepia Configuration Language is a simple, declarative, semi-functional, self-documenting language that extends HashiCorp's HCL in the same sort of way that Sass extends CSS. The syn

spf13 Go configuration with fangs! Many Go projects are built using Viper including: Hugo EMC RexRay Imgur’s Incus Nanobox/Nanopack Docker Notary BloomApi doctl Clairctl Mercure Install go g

tucnak Store Store is a dead simple configuration manager for Go applications. I didn't like existing configuration management solutions like globalconf, tachyon or viper. First two just don't feel right and viper, imo

schachmat ingo is a simple Go library helping you to persist flags in a ini-like config file. Features and limitations Requires Go 1.5 or later automatically creates config file, if it does not exist yet option value

ian-kent gofigure Go configuration made easy! Just define a struct and call Gofigure Supports strings, ints/uints/floats, slices and nested structs Supports environment variables and command line flags Requires Go

vrischmann envconfig envconfig is a library which allows you to parse your configuration from environment variables and fill an arbitrary struct. See the example to understand how to use it, it's pretty simple. Supp

tomazk envcfg Un-marshaling environment variables to Go structs Getting Started Let's set a bunch of environment variables and then run your go app #!/usr/bin/env bash export DEBUG="false" export DB_HOST="local

ian-kent envconf Configure your Go application from the environment. Supports most basic Go types and works nicely with the built in flag package. package main import( "flag" "fmt" . "" ) f

caarlos0 env Simple lib to parse envs to structs in Go. Example A very basic example: package main import ( "fmt" "time" // if using go modules "" // if using dep/others "git

paked Configure Configure is a Go package that gives you easy configuration of your project through redundancy. It has an API inspired by negroni and the flag package. What is it? Configure aims to be the github

olebedev Config Package config provides convenient access methods to configuration stored as JSON or YAML. This is a fork of the original version. This version extends the functionality of the original without losing compatib