A fancy terminal browser for the Gemini protocol.

Image modified from: amphora by Alvaro Cabrera from the Noun Project

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google gops gops is a command to list and diagnose Go processes currently running on your system. $ gops 983 uplink-soecks (/usr/local/bin/uplink-soecks) 52697 gops (/Users/jbd/bin/gops) 51130 gocode (/Users/jbd/bin/goco

AlecAivazis Survey A library for building interactive prompts. Heavily inspired by the great inquirer.js. package main import ( "fmt" "gopkg.in/AlecAivazis/survey.v1" ) // the questions to ask var qs = []*survey.Question{

jpoz gomeme Take a gif/jpeg/png, make a meme. Written in Go (Golang) Installation go get -u github.com/jpoz/gomeme/cmd/gomeme Usage Usage: gomeme [options] input.gif output.gif -b string Bottom te

astaxie bat Go implemented CLI cURL-like tool for humans. Bat can be used for testing, debugging, and generally interacting with HTTP servers. Inspired by Httpie. Thanks to the author, Jakub. Main Features Installation Usage

driusan gosh Shell This is an attempt to write a simple UNIX shell using literate programming. We'll be using Go to write it, because I like Go. (I intend to formalize the literate programming syntax I'm using with markdown later, but i

go-jira go-jira Simple command line client for Atlassian's Jira service written in Go. Install Download You can download one of the pre-built binaries for go-jira here. Build You can build and insta

adfinis-sygroup Vault Client vc is a command-line interface to HashiCorp's Vault inspired by pass. Makes secrets from generic backends easy accessible Support for comments through # line prefix Features auto completion for bash and zs

nomad-software Meme A command line utility for creating image macro style memes Features Create memes from built-in templates Create memes from image URL's Create memes from local image files Supports drawing on anima