SSH Lightweight management tools

SSH Lightweight management tools

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hSATAC wifi-password-qr A commandline tool to display your currrent Wi-Fi SSID & password, also in QRCode format. People can easily scan the QRCode to join the Wi-Fi on their Android & iPhone (iOS 11+). This project is inspire

dmlittle Scenery Scenery is a zero dependencies CLI tool to prettify terraform plan outputs to be easier to read and digest. A lot of inspiration was drawn from Terraform Landscape. Installing If you have a functional Go e

jpeinelt Skit a basic presentation app for the command line → next slide ← previous slide Ctrl-C quit Table Of Contents Table Of Contets Features Syntax Contributing Inspiration License

nektos Overview "Think globally, act locally" Run your GitHub Actions locally! Why would you want to do this? Two reasons: Fast Feedback - Rather than having to commit/push every time you want to test out the changes you

robscott kube-capacity This is a simple CLI that provides an overview of the resource requests, limits, and utilization in a Kubernetes cluster. It attempts to combine the best parts of the output from kubectl top and kubectl describe

mithrandie csvq SQL-like query language for csv csvq is a command line tool to operate CSV files. You can read, update, delete CSV records with SQL-like query. You can also execute multiple operations sequentially in managed transactio

DimitarPetrov stegify Overview stegify is a simple command line tool capable of fully transparent hiding any file within an image or set of images. This technique is known as LSB (Least Significant Bit) steganography

dimkouv massivedl Download a large list of files in parallel. Install # for linux 64bit wget chmod +x massivedl_linux_amd64 mv massivedl_li