Command Line

Libraries for building standard or basic Command Line applications.

Newest releases

trashhalo Tool that lets you read website content on the command line

Harry-027 A CLI that generates PDFs in bulk very quickly. Thanks to Golang concurrency โค๏ธ

mrusme Zeit, erfassen. A command line tool for tracking time spent on tasks & projects.

dosgo This is a Raspberry Pi system backup tool. Back up the system according to the actual size. Support Linux / Raspberry/windows (only support full backup) system.

benbjohnson Go debug/stack utility functions and command line interfaces.

aws The AWS Copilot CLI is a tool for developers to build, release and operate production ready containerized applications on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate.

chriswalz bit is an experimental modernized git CLI built on top of git that provides happy defaults and other niceties

IEEE-VIT A smart CLI Dashboard to fetch cpu, memory and network stats!

charmbracelet The fun, functional and stateful way to build terminal apps. A Go framework based on The Elm Architecture. Bubble Tea is well-suited for simple and complex terminal applications, either inline, full-window, or a mix of both.

andrewslotin A GitHub action to mark and close spam PRs created to get a free HacktoberFest T-shirt.

do-community hfest is a tool that adds the hacktoberfest topic to every repository associated with a user or a GitHub org. It can also create the invalid, spam and hacktoberfest-accepted labels in your repos.

konveyor Move2Kube is a command-line tool that accelerates the process of re-platforming to Kubernetes/Openshift. It does so by analysing the environment and source artifacts, and asking guidance from the user when required.

muesli Disk Usage/Free Utility (currently Linux-only, support for BSDs soon)

liamg Gitjacker downloads git repositories and extracts their contents from sites where the .git directory has been mistakenly uploaded. It will still manage to recover a significant portion of a repository even where directory listings

Yash-Handa Modern ls command with vscode like File Icon and Git Integrations. Written in Golang

maxence-charriere is an installable Progressive web app (PWA) that lists and displays famous YouTube Lo-Fi radios.

octoproject octo-cli makes the data available from any database as a serverless web service, simplifying the process of building data-driven applications.

VerizonMedia A kubectl plugin that allows you to profile production applications with low-overhead by generating FlameGraphs

cirruslabs Cross-platform library to organize logs in a hierarchical structure.

mitchellh Component-based UI-framework for command-line tools. Easily create highly dynamic CLI interfaces using shared, easily testable components.

verabull Rainbow Progress Bar

bravetools Bravetools is an end-to-end System Container management platform. Bravetools makes it easy to configure, build, and deploy reproducible and isolated environments either on single machines or large clusters.

DimitarPetrov printracer is a simple command line tool that instruments all go code in the current working directory to print every function execution along with its arguments.

m1gwings treedrawer is a Go module for drawing trees on the terminal like the one below.

ethicalhackingplayground Generates target specific word lists by searching for endpoints in javascript and appends parameters for Fuzzing with other tools

sibis A CLI application to access the current trending products and view its information, without the need to open the browser. If you happen to use the producthunt everyday and this will help you fetch the product lists on your CLI.

WassimBenzarti Colab-ssh is a light-weight library that enables you to connect to a Google Colab virtual machine using an SSH tunnel.

aquasecurity Kubernetes Operator for Image Assurance

egoist A docker-based development dependency manager.

beefsack Webify - Turn shell commands into web services

lucasepe Commandline tool that makes building tilesets and rendering static tilemaps super easy!

segmentio A tool for easy, declarative management of Kafka topics. Includes the ability to "apply" topic changes from YAML as well as a repl for interactive exploration of brokers, topics, consumer groups, messages, and more.

micnncim kubectl plugin that prunes unused ConfigMap, Secret, Pod, and ReplicaSet resources