Command Line

Libraries for building standard or basic Command Line applications.

Newest releases

irevenko πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»πŸ“Š Show off your most used shell commands

shipa-corp Ketch is an application delivery framework that facilitates the deployment and management of applications on Kubernetes using a simple command line interface

quackduck Rem is a CLI trash which makes it ridiculously easy to recover files. We've all had that moment when we've deleted something we realised we shouldn't have. It sucks. Let's fix that!

skanehira This is a TUI Client for GitHub.

awslabs TECLI increases teams productivity by facilitating such interaction and by providing easy commands that can be executed on a terminal or on CI/CD systems.

makeworld-the-better-one Image modified from: amphora by Alvaro Cabrera from the Noun Project

buildpacks CLI for building apps using Cloud Native Buildpacks

jotaen The idea behind klog is to store data in plain text files in a simple and human-readable format. The notation is similar to how you would write down the information into a physical notebook using pen and paper.

achannarasappa Terminal stock ticker with live updates and position tracking

docker Docker CLI plugin for extended build capabilities with BuildKit

docker The Docker Hub Tool is a CLI tool for interacting with the Docker Hub. It makes it easy to get information about your images from the terminal and to perform Hub maintenance tasks.

PierreKieffer Raspberry Pi 4 / 3 terminal based activity monitor

irevenko β“πŸ–Ό Find the anime scene by image using your terminal

ycd 🚩 TOC, zero configuration table of content generator for Markdown files, create table of contents from any Markdown file with ease.

tmountain uchess is an interactive terminal chess client designed to allow gameplay and move analysis in conjunction with UCI chess engines.

1-st A powerful cli tool to implement gin annotation ⭐

anmitsu Goful is a CUI file manager implemented by Go.

Ripolak Minict is a minimal container runtime written in Go. It was made mainly for learning purposes and is intended to be as simple as possible.

lemnos A terminal based typing test.

ermanimer progress_bar creates a single customizable progress bar for Linux terminal.

Matt-Gleich πŸŽ„ A Christmas tree right from your terminal!

glassechidna tl;dr Run the exact same image for websites in Lambda as you do in ECS, Kubernetes, etc. Just add this to your Dockerfile, listen on port 8080 and have a health check returning 200 at /ping.

ivaaaan Smug automates your tmux workflow. You can create a single configuration file, and smug will create all required windows and panes from it.

swartzrock Browse your AWS ECS Clusters in the Terminal.

cirocosta That's right - order that nice pizza πŸ• with `kubectl`

matsuyoshi30 A simple cli tool for switching git user easily inspired by Git-User-Switch

Matt-Gleich Fgh, a CLI to automate the lifecycle and organization of your cloned repos

binwiederhier pcopy is cross-machine clipboard that allows copying (pcp < file.txt) and pasting (ppaste > file.txt) across different computers.

Gyro7 A pretty command-line "Go and System information" tool written in Go

cri-o Open Container Initiative-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

AkihiroSuda nerdctl is a Docker-compatible CLI for containerd.

infracost Cloud cost estimates for Terraform in CLI and pull requests (AWS and GCP)