Command Line

Libraries for building standard or basic Command Line applications.

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raitonoberu lyricsapi Go package and server app for retrieving time-stamped lyrics from Spotify. Usage Use as package go get pack

mh-zeynal cli-client-server a cli client-server app with cobra overview this project is a cli client-server app in which client gives a bunch of numbers with an

dlvhdr gh-prs A gh cli extension to display a dashboard with pull requests by filters you care about. Installation Installation requires a minimum version (2

sourikghosh Apex is CLI that concurrently uploads files to the ScyllaDB cluster using gRPC streaming.

FlamesX-128 monas-chinas-cli Este un un cli para ver anime usando la consola/terminal. This is a cli to watch anime using the console/terminal. ⚠️ AVISO ⚠️ Los an

xuesongbj Clickhouse-Notes 根据数据库处理的业务数据量和数据处理方式的不同,数据库分为OLTP(on-line transaction processing)和OLAP(On-Line Analytical Processing)两种。Clickhouse数据库由俄罗斯yandex搜索引擎公司

johnmackintosh CRANt-touch-this notes and resources of things to check before submitting a package to CRAN, to help you and others have as stress free a time as poss

prodanlabs kaadm karmada cli tool ~/kaadm-linux-amd64 # ./kaadm install -h Installation options. Usage: kaadm install [flags] Examples: kaadm install --mas

paij0se 🛑 this cli still has a lot of bugs 🛑 A simple tool to download and listen music in the terminal. You will need: golang deno v1.16+ youtube-dl https:

maaslalani Cue Cue cards in your terminal. Usage Make some colon (:) separated cue cards in a plain text file. Press Spacebar: You can flip a card by pressing sp

and3rson graph-bars-font OTF font with vertical bars for one-line ASCII spectrum analyzers, graphs, etc. I didn't find anything similar on the net so I decided

sibprogrammer xq Command line XML beautifier and content extractor. Similar to jq. Features Syntax highlighting Automatic indentation Automatic pagination Node cont

jonamat Hetzner rescaler Lightweight CLI tool to programmatically rescale your Hetzner virtual server daily to optimize your budget spending, scaling to a che

AykutSarac proc-manager is an interactive CLI to kill processes made with Go, currently supports Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows. 🧨 Preview ⚙️ Installatio

ntk148v GoIgnore GoIgnore 1. Features 2. Install 3. Usage A .gitignore wizard which gnerates .gitignore files from the command line for you. Inspired by joe 1

breakthatbass goh Navigate github repos in a tui Why I am constantly refering to my github repos and repos from others for code snippets that are relevant to what I

Timofffee TECS TECS - Simple ECS implementation for Nim. TECS is aimed at speed, simplicity and convenience in operation. Also TECS is overly light and simple.

arthurvdiniz Goli Goli is a CLI Tool for running Go commands with colorized output. Note: Goli is still a WIP. It has very basic commands and limitations. Feel fre

kevwan mdconv A tool to convert markdown files to html files. Usage md2html -i <md-file> -o <html-file> Options supported -i - specify the input markdown fil

k1LoW gh-grep Print lines matching a pattern in repositories using GitHub API Usage $ gh grep func.*schema.Schema --include=**/*.go --owner k1LoW --repo tbl

thedevsaddam DL Command-line file downloader tool Usage $ dl -u Installation on Mac/Linux curl

AmrGanz MGR "Must Gather Reader" MGR "not the final name" is a simple TUI interface to navigate and view OpenShift 4 must-gather files. How to run it: Downloa

1pkg Gofire 🔥 Command Line Interface Generator tool for Go

TheYkk tfa tfa is 2fa cli tool that aim to help you to generate 2fa code on CI/CD pipelines. You can provide secret with stdin or flag. Install brew install

yusukebe gh markdown-preview GitHub CLI extension to preview your markdown similar to the style of GitHub gh markdown-preview is a GitHub CLI extension to prev

beefsack script-httpd script-httpd is a simple tool to turn a command line script into a web service. script-httpd is essentially a very basic CGI server which

fiatjaf localchat Instant web chat rooms (anything under the /<room> path goes). Defaults to your local public IP, which means in most cases people from the s

simnalamburt macos-totp-cli macos-totp-cli is a simple TOTP CLI, powered by keychain of macOS. $ totp Usage: totp [command] Available Commands: completion ge

dhamith93 Shortcut Simple way to share files and clipboard with devices within a local network. Usage Run the ./shortcut executable. A browser window will be op

SignorMercurio Limner Limner colorizes and transforms CLI outputs. English | 简体中文 Motivation When playing with kubectl, I sometimes found it hard to extract the info

Aidan63 ECS Macro powered entity component system for haxe. Many of the existing ECS libraries were very verbose and / or required extending / implementing so

tulir whatsmeow whatsmeow is a Go library for the WhatsApp web API. It was initially forked from go-whatsapp (MIT license). Support for WhatsApp's new multi