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apiclarity APIClarity Reconstruct OpenAPI Specifications from real-time workload traffic seamlessly. Microservices API challenges Not all applications have an Op

zeroc0d3 okr-mindmapping My personal OKR (Objectives & Key Results) on prespective mindmapping Prerequisites Mindmapping Tools using FreeMind Copyright Author:

retzkek ChiaMon Example using mtail to collect metrics from Chia logs, with docker-compose stack to collect data with Prometheus and graph in Grafana. mtail p

go-echarts Statsview is a real-time Golang runtime stats visualization profiler. It is built top on another open-source project, go-echarts, which helps statsview to show its graphs on the browser.

maded2 This utility consisted of server backend and UI which manages the chia plot creation.

Trois-Six Create diagrams from the Kubernetes API with go-diagrams.

mogensen Create changelogs for Helm Charts, based on git history

soypat Find out where you fall on the Open-Source Character Alignment Chart

lucasepe yml2dot - Turn YAML into beautiful Graph

fogleman This is a particle-based simulation inspired by the Physarum polycephalum slime mold.

nakabonne Another load testing tool, inspired by vegeta and jplot.

blushft Create beautiful system diagrams with Go

lucasepe Converts 'go mod graph' output into Graphviz's DOT language

skydive-project Skydive is an open source real-time network topology and protocols analyzer. It aims to provide a comprehensive way of understanding what is happening in the network infrastructure.

YouEclipse πŸ“Š Update a pinned gist to contain your weekly WakaTime stats. This is a Golang implementation, see the original version

nikolaydubina Calendar heatmap in plain Go inspired by Github contribution activity

0x0f0f0f A small utility written in golang to quickly plot memory usage of processes

gokrazy program to visualize resource usage, very similar to Dag Wieers’s dstat default output

ahmetb This tool visualizes call permissions between Cloud Run fully managed services.

lucasepe A commandline tool that generate High Level microservice & serverless Architecture diagrams using a declarative syntax defined in a YAML file.

mgartner pg_flame A flamegraph generator for Postgres EXPLAIN ANALYZE output. Demo Try the demo here. Installation Homebrew You can install via Homebrew with the follow command: $ brew install mgartner/

guptarohit asciigraph Go package to make lightweight ASCII line graphs β•­β”ˆβ•―. Installation go get Usage Basic graph package ma

sgreben jp Dead simple terminal plots from JSON (or CSV) data. Bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, histograms and heatmaps are supported. Get it Use it Examples Bar chart Separate X and Y val

nghialv Promviz Promviz is an application that helps you visualize the traffic of your cluster from Prometheus data. It has 2 components: Promviz: retrieves data from Prometheus servers, aggregates them and provides an

arafatkatze Glot glot is a plotting library for Golang built on top of gnuplot. glot currently supports styles like lines, points, bars, steps, histogram, circle, and many others. We are continuously making efforts to add more

grafana The open-source platform for monitoring and observability. Grafana allows you to query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. Create, explore, and share dashboards with your team a

qvl πŸ“ˆ promplot promplot is an opinionated tool to create plots from your Prometheus metrics and automatically sends them to you. Slack example: promplot -title "Open File Descriptors" -query "process_open_fd

marianogappa chart Quick & smart charting for STDIN Blogpost Learn by example! Cheatsheet Syntax chart [options] pie: render a pie chart bar: render a bar chart line: render a line chart

anychart-integrations Go basic template This example shows how to use Anychart library with the Go programming language and MySQL database. Running To use this sample you must have Go installed as described here, and follow the

filhodanuvem Pizzeria Pizzeria is a chart generator as a service What is it? The main inspiration of Pizzeria was Google deprecated chart api. We believe that sometimes developers need to have a simple way to generate i

wcharczuk go-chart Package chart is a very simple golang native charting library that supports timeseries and continuous line charts. Master should now be on the v3.x codebase, which overhauls the api significantly. Per usual