Libraries that provide caching facilities.

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dboslee LRU Cache A simple LRU cache using go generics. Examples Basic usage. func main() { cache := lru.New[string, string]() cache.Set("key", "value

cem-basaranoglu jarjarbinks This service has two different endpoints that are only used to save cache entry and find the saved entry with the relevant key. The cache

gozeloglu cache cache is LRU-based cache package written in vanilla Go - with no package dependency. LRU stands for Least Recently Used and it is one of the fam

alecthomas Local file-based atomic cache manager I repeatedly find myself writing partitioned keyed caching systems, akin to Go's module cache. To DRY myself I c

Code-Hex go-generics-cache go-generics-cache is an in-memory key:value store/cache that is suitable for applications running on a single machine. This in-memor

cshum HybridCache A multi-level cache library with cache stampede prevention for Go import "" // Redis cache adapter based on R

xssed 🦉owlcache is a lightweight, high-performance, non-centralized, distributed Key/Value memory-cached data sharing application written by Go . keyword : golang cache、go cache、golang nosql

vmihailenco This benchmark compares cache algorithms using scrambled zipfian distribution (a few occur very often while many others occur rarely). Other distributions are supported too, but they produce similar results. You may also want to c

shaj13 A Lightweight in-memory key:value cache library for Go.

karlseguin CCache is an LRU Cache, written in Go, focused on supporting high concurrency.

hashicorp This provides the lru package which implements a fixed-size thread safe LRU cache. It is based on the cache in Groupcache.

storozhukBM PCache Cache that tries to keep data local for the goroutine and reduce synchronization overhead but keep it is safe for concurrent use.

sillygod This is a http cache plugin for caddy 2.

tidwall tinylru A fast little LRU cache. Getting Started Installing To start using tinylru, install Go and run go get: $ go get -u This will retrieve the library.

pomerium Distributed cache with gossip peer membership enrollment

tidwall Doppio is a fast LRU cache on top of Ristretto, Redcon, and Evio. Support for the Redis protocol.

eko Gocache Guess what is Gocache? a Go cache library. This is an extendable cache library that brings you a lot of features for caching data. Overview Here is what it brings in detail: ✅ Mult

dgraph-io Ristretto Ristretto is a fast, concurrent cache library using a TinyLFU admission policy and Sampled LFU eviction policy. The motivation to build Ristretto comes from the need for a contention-free cache in Dg

seaguest cache A lightweight high-performance distributed two-level cache (in-memory + redis) with loader function library for Go. This is a cache-aside pattern implementation for two-level cache, it does support multiple cache

tidwall lru A simple and efficient lru cache package for Go. Under the hood it uses a hashmap combined with a doubly linked list. Getting Started Installing To start using lru, install Go and run go ge

grandecola bigqueue bigqueue provides embedded, fast and persistent queue written in pure Go using memory mapped (mmap) files. Installation go get Requirem

VictoriaMetrics fastcache - fast thread-safe inmemory cache for big number of entries in Go Features Fast. Performance scales on multi-core CPUs. See benchmark results below. Thread-safe. Concurrent goroutines may

mercari go-dnscache go-dnscache is a Go package for caching DNS lookup results in memory. It asynchronously lookups DNS and refresh results. The main motivation of this package is to avoid too much DNS lookups for every requ

NVIDIA AIStore: scalable storage for AI AIStore (AIS for short) is a built from scratch, lightweight storage stack tailored for AI apps. At its version 2.x, AIS consistently shows balanced I/O distribution across arbitrary

kasvith kache A simple and a flexible in memory cache What is kache kache aims to develop a redis compatible in memory db with golang. Currently kache is powered up with RESP Protocol. kache also supports

poonai vegamcache vegamcache is a distributed in-memory cache built using gossip protocol for golang. what is the difference between other distributed cache service? In vegamcache, network calls are not used for re

OrlovEvgeny MCache library go-mcache - this is a fast key:value storage. Its major advantage is that, being essentially a thread-safe . map[string]interface{} with expiration times, it doesn't need to serialize, and quick

huntsman-li go-cache This project encapsulates multiple db servers, redis、ledis、memcache、file、memory、nosql、postgresql example package main import ( "" _ "" )

kevburnsjr Microcache A non-standard HTTP cache implemented as Go middleware. HTTP Microcaching is a common strategy for improving the efficiency, availability and response time variability of HTTP web services. These benefit

SphereSoftware objstore A Multi-Master Distributed Caching Layer for Amazon S3 This project aims to provide an easy to use, self-organising multi-master caching layer for various cloud stoarge backends, e.g. S3. It combines functio

adelowo OneCache - A Go caching Library Installation Supported stores Examples Installation $ go get -u Supported cache stores InMemory Filesystem Memcached

goburrow Mango Cache Partial implementations of Guava Cache in Go. Supported cache replacement policies: LRU Segmented LRU (default) TinyLFU (experimental) The TinyLFU implementation is inspired by Caffeine by Ben