Audio and Music

Libraries for manipulating audio.

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alexballas Cast your media files to UPnP/DLNA Media Renderers and Smart TVs. GUI mode CLI mode Parameters $ go2tv -h Usage of go2tv: -l List all available U

common-fate IAM Zero detects identity and access management issues and automatically suggests least-privilege policies. It does this by capturing errors in applications you build or commands that you run which use.

smf8 I'm just trying to make a cli operated voice call chat application using go with help of webRTC and PortAudio.

carltheperson Getting better at Linux with 10 mini-projects.

Harry-027 A solution to convert PDFs into audiobooks (offline). This solution kit consists of an Opentts engine hosted on docker and a CLI client that parses the given PDF file for text content & connects with Opentts to generate audio file

schollz miti provides a program and musical notation that you can use to easily connect and control sounds in a very human way. It provides surprisingly simple sequencing for synthesizers or other instruments, namely control from your fav

noisetorch NoiseTorch is an easy to use open source application for Linux with PulseAudio. It creates a virtual microphone that suppresses noise, in any application. Use whichever conferencing or VOIP application you like and simply select t

jakekgrog GhostDB is a distributed, in-memory, general purpose key-value data store that delivers microsecond performance at any scale.

tilt-dev Kubernetes for Prod, Tilt for Dev Modern apps are made of too many services. They're everywhere and in constant communication.

openstax A command line utility to easily release code from multiple repositories

eugene-eeo orchid “What does an orchid have to do with playing music? You sort of get tons of orchids in the jungle and they require very little water to live. You should name it after some musical instrument, but that's probab

soundscapecloud Soundscape - a personal music streaming server Features Import from YouTube Save any YouTube video as a song in your library Keep your entire music collection in the cloud Stor

zaf resample -- import "" Package resample implements resampling of PCM-encoded audio. It uses the SoX Resampler library `libsoxr'. To install make sure you have libsoxr installed, then run: go get

krotik DudelDu DudelDu is a simple audio/video streaming server using the SHOUTcast protocol. Features Supports various streaming clients: VLC, ServeStream, ... and most Icecast clients. Supports sendi

tmc speechtotext streaming stdin to speech recognition tool via Google Cloud Speech gRPC API

mdlayher waveform Go package capable of generating waveform images from audio streams. MIT Licensed. This library supports any audio streams which the azul3d/engine/audio package is able to decode. At the time of writing, thi

mccoyst vorbis This Go package provides a "native" ogg vorbis decoder, but still requires cgo, as it uses inline code from stb_vorbis. Someday, it won't. The package exports a single function: var data []byte … samples, nc

wtolson go-taglib Go wrapper for taglib Dependencies You must have the static taglib libraries installed in order to compile go-taglib. OSX: brew install taglib Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install

rakyll portmidi Want to output to an MIDI device or listen your MIDI device as an input? This package contains Go bindings for PortMidi. libportmidi (v. 217) is required as a dependency, it's available via apt-get and brew.

gordonklaus portaudio This package provides an interface to the PortAudio audio I/O library. See the package documentation for details. To build this package you must first have the PortAudio development headers and libraries inst

go-music-theory Music theory models in Go There's an example command-line utility music-theory.go to demo the libraries, with a bin/ wrapper. To build and install music-theory to your machine:

go-mix Mix Sequence-based Go-native audio mixer for music apps See demo/demo.go: package main import ( "fmt" "os" "time" "" "

zhulik mediainfo Golang binding for libmediainfo Duration, Bitrate, Codec, Streams and a lot of other meta-information about media files can be extracted through it. For now supports only media files with one stream. Binding

krig gosox "SoX − Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation" Go bindings for the libsox sound library For more information and documentation for SoX: Descri

Comcast GAAD (Go Advanced Audio Decoder) Package currently provides AAC parsing capabilities. This package performs a full parse of AAC-LC and HE-AACv1 bitstreams. Bitstreams with Parametric Stereo (HE-AACv2) are not yet su

mewkiz flac This package provides access to FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) streams. Documentation Documentation provided by GoDoc. flac: provides access to FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) streams.