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jsa-aerial Data exploration and interactive documents; with editor support (emacs, vim, sublime, and paredit), graphics and visualization

dranikpg Dto mapper dto-mapper is an easy-to-use library for complex struct mapping. It's intended for the creation of data transfer objects, hence the name. W

sjwhitworth GoLearn GoLearn is a 'batteries included' machine learning library for Go. Simplicity, paired with customisability, is the goal. We are in active deve

alonsovidales package ml - Machine Learning Libraries ###import "github.com/alonsovidales/go_ml" Package ml provides some implementations of usefull machine learnin

wgpsec CreateHiddenAccount 创建隐藏账号 中文 | EN Tool Introduction There are two common ways to create a hidden account. One is to add the $ sign directly after the

ynqa Word Embeddings in Go wego is the implementations from scratch for word embeddings (a.k.a word representation) models in Go. What's word embeddings? W

Lazin go-ngram N-gram index for Go. Key features Unicode support. Append only. Data can't be deleted from index. GC friendly (all strings are pooled and com

reiver Go Porter Stemmer A native Go clean room implementation of the Porter Stemming Algorithm. This algorithm is of interest to people doing Machine Learni

rlouf Birdland is a famous Jazz club. It is also a recommendation library. Birdland is a collaborative filtering algorithm in two steps: exploration and rec

fredwu Stemmer An English (Porter2) stemming implementation in Elixir. In linguistic morphology and information retrieval, stemming is the process of reducin

bgokden Veri Veri is a Distributed Feature Store optimized for Search and Recommendation tasks. Feature Label store allows storing features as keys and labels

alii boosted-rpc Show when you're out an about on a Boosted board on your Discord RPC I use this with the Ride app for iOS and the IFTTT integration. Effec

ozontech allure-testify Allure-Testify - проект, предоставляющий полноценный провайдер allure в go, без перегрузки интерфейса использования. Проект начинался к

hedhyw gherkingen It's a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) tests generator for Golang. It accepts a *.feature Cucumber/Gherkin file and generates a test boi

yusukebe mirror mirror is command line tool for mirroring a web page. Caution Do not abuse Demo Installation go install github.com/yusukebe/mirror/cmd/[email protected]

ahmetcanozcan FET Build query dynamically A Go library for building mongo queries with factory functions. What is FET? you can build queries with factory functions.

golangpros gosocket About: A Simple Go Socket Framework Installation: $ go get -u github.com/golangpros/gosocket Tutorial: import "github.com/golangpros/gosocke

rfratto WORK IN PROGRESS: Viceroy is a very early work in progress and is subject to breaking changes. It's also subject to not really working all that well y

tomberek ssentr Send SSE when files change. Setup: $ cat Caddyfile http://localhost:8085 route /reload { header Access-Control-Allow-Origin * header Access-C

TorchedSammy Opera 💃 MRPIS implementation for osu! Opera is a program to send currently playing osu! maps/songs over DBus. It implements the MPRIS specification a

DEXbotLLC The sidecar to your cryptocurrency wallet Create an account on DEXbot.io » Read the Docs to Get Started » Check Out The Whitepaper » Introduction DEXb

Bios-Marcel 2048 terminal edition This a simple 2048 implementation running on the terminal. 2048.mp4 Using To build, go version 1.17 or later is required. After

suadev git-sum cli tool See open issue and pull request counts for each repository of the user. Installation go install github.com/suadev/[email protected] Usa

sudachen Deep Neural Networks for Golang (powered by MXNet)

rocketlaunchr ⭐   the project to show your appreciation. ↗️ Dataframes are used for statistics, machine-learning, and data manipulation/exploration. You can think o

StepLg Decription Graph library for Go/Golang language. Install First way (with makefile): $ git clone git://github.com/StepLg/go-graph.git $ cd go-graph/src

fxsjy RF.go RF.go is an implementation of Random Forest in GoLang. Random forest (or random forests) is an ensemble classifier that consists of many de

fxsjy GoNN Neural Network in GoLang Feature BackPropagation Network / RBF Network / Perceptron Network Parallel BackPropagation Network (each neural has its

golang Overview S2 is a library for spherical geometry that aims to have the same robustness, flexibility, and performance as the best planar geometry librar

unclebob BIP340 Elliptic Curve Signatures This library follows the BitCoin BIP340 proposal for implementing Schnorr signatures for secp256k1. (See: https://bip

skanehira languagetool-lint Lint CLI for languagetool. Requirements languagetool. Installation $ go install github.com/skanehira/[email protected] Use as

sealyun endpoints-operator 对于集群内访问集群外部服务场景使用固定的endpoint维护增加探活功能 背景 在实际使用中,两个K8s集群内的服务经常有互相访问和访问集群外部某些服务的需求,通常的解决方案为写固定的servcie和edpoints或者直接写IP等来解决,在这时候,是没有对外部