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sandflysecurity What is sandfly-processdecloak? sandfly-processdecloak is a utility to quickly scan for Linux Process IDs (PIDs) that are hidden by common and not-so-

apex CloudWatch → Apex Logs The logs-cloudwatch command-line tool provides an easy way to send AWS CloudWatch Logs to Apex Logs. Installation $ curl -sf ht

beefsack script-httpd script-httpd is a simple tool to turn a command line script into a web service. script-httpd is essentially a very basic CGI server which

fiatjaf localchat Instant web chat rooms (anything under the /<room> path goes). Defaults to your local public IP, which means in most cases people from the s

tbotnz cisgo-ios simple concurrent ssh server posing as cisco ios installation install dependencies go get github.com/gliderlabs/ssh go get golang.org/x/cryp

hahwul MZAP ⚡️ Multiple target ZAP Scanning / mzap is a tool for scanning N*N in ZAP. Concept Installation go-get $ go get -u github.com/hahwul/mzap snapcra

dwisiswant0 slackcat A simple way of sending messages from the CLI output to your Slack with webhook. Installation Download a prebuilt binary from releases page,

royalbhati CSSPLIT A CSS splitter that takes in your main.css file and splits into component specific css files Usage    Usage The script also allows following v

eth-tools e7mon Tool for monitoring your Ethereum clients. Client-agnostic as it queries the standardized JSON-RPC APIs. However, the execution client should be

tommsawyer Collect Allows you to collect all pprof profiles with one command. Installation Just go-get it: $ go get github.com/tommsawyer/collect/cmd/collect Mot

ApsaraDB GalaxyKube -- PolarDB-X Operator PolarDB-X Operator is a Kubernetes extension that aims to create and manage PolarDB-X cluster on Kubernetes. It follo

mitchellh Terraform Multispace Provider The multispace Terraform provider implements resources to help work with multi-workspace workflows in Terraform Cloud (o

FourCoreLabs EDRHunt EDRHunt scans Windows services, drivers, processes, registry for installed EDRs (Endpoint Detection And Response). Read more about EDRHunt her

quarkslab kdigger kdigger, short for "Kubernetes digger", is a context discovery tool for Kubernetes penetration testing. This tool is a compilation of various

gostaticanalysis astquery astquery selects a node set from AST by XPath. astquery uses antchfx/xpath. You can see a document of xpath expressions at antchfx/xpath's re

sethvargo GCS Cacher GCS Cacher is a small CLI and Docker container that saves and restores caches on Google Cloud Storage. It is intended to be used in CI/CD s

dwisiswant0 wadl-dumper Dump all available paths and/ endpoints on WADL file. Installation Download a prebuilt binary from releases page, unpack and run! or If yo

deanishe macOS Services for Alfred Run macOS services via Alfred 4+. This workflow can execute macOS services on the clipboard contents, current selection or f

Qovery helm-freeze Freeze your charts in the wished versions. Helm freeze helps you to declare the charts you want to use in a desired version and download t

keygen-sh Keygen Go SDK Package keygen allows Go programs to license and remotely update themselves using the keygen.sh service. Usage keygen.Validate(fingerpri

simnalamburt macos-totp-cli macos-totp-cli is a simple TOTP CLI, powered by keychain of macOS. $ totp Usage: totp [command] Available Commands: completion ge

MatteoGgl Daypaper Daypaper sets your GNOME wallpaper based on the time of day from a random and relevant Unsplash image. The retrieved image is random and the

ariga entimport entimport is a tool for creating Ent schemas from existing SQL databases. Currently, MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported. The tool can import

RedDeadAlice Go-Pong A Pong video game clone made with Go lang and OpenGL 3.3 using C. Gameplay Offline Key bindings are 'w' and 's' for the left player and 'up ar

dhamith93 Shortcut Simple way to share files and clipboard with devices within a local network. Usage Run the ./shortcut executable. A browser window will be op

rfyiamcool go-netflow go-netflow, capture process in/out traffic, similar to c Nethogs. 使用 golang 实现进程级流量监控 refer refer logic design link https://zhuanlan.zhihu.

SignorMercurio Limner Limner colorizes and transforms CLI outputs. English | 简体中文 Motivation When playing with kubectl, I sometimes found it hard to extract the info

karalabe The Minority Client Run the minority client! ~Danny Ryan and/or Tim Beiko As of writing, Ethereum has multiple client implementations, but Geth / go-e

teivah broadcast Notifications broadcaster in Go What? broadcast is a library that allows sending repeated notifications to multiple goroutines with guarante

vmorganp Lazytainer Putting your containers to sleep I don't really wanna do the work today How it works Lazy loading containers monitor network traffic for ac

sh4hin GoPurple This project is a simple collection of various shell code injection techniques, aiming to streamline the process of endpoint detection evalua

softarn csgo-coach-bug-detector Detects if a coach has been abusing the "coach-bug" in games Will only be used for running on old demos so this program doesn'

josharian Package paseto implements PASETO v2.local. (Contributions of v2.public would be welcome.) It has NOT been reviewed by a cryptographer. Use at your own