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timwhitez Doge-AddSSP Load ssp dll golang implementation Administrator/System Privilege Usage: .\Doge-AddSSP.exe D:\ssp.dll //must use full path

PierreKieffer _ _ _ _ _ | |_| |_| |_ _ __ ___| |_ __ _ _ _ | |_____ _ _ | ' \ _| _| '_ \___| _/ _` | ' \| / / -_) '_| |_||

SinanYilmaz9 Android Developer Roadmap 2022 This repo was created with the goal of being an up-to-date roadmap for Android developers. Languages 🌍 Programming lan

RecoLabs Redash Go SDK An SDK for the programmatic management of Redash. The main component of the SDK is a client, which is a go wrapper of Redash's REST API.

cch123 GOGCTuner [beta] idea is from this article How We Saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services (Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go GC Tuning @Uber)

teamcode-inc Like KubeOrbit idea? ⭐ Give us a GitHub Star! ⭐ KubeOrbit is an open-source abstraction layer library that turns easy apps testing&debuging on Kuberne

iskaa02 Qalam ✏️ Qalam is a Go library for easy terminal styling. Installation go get github.com/iskaa02/qalam Usage func main(){ // this will output "a red

knative Knative Serving Knative Serving builds on Kubernetes to support deploying and serving of applications and functions as serverless containers. Serving

fission Fission: Serverless Functions for Kubernetes Fission is a fast serverless framework for Kubernetes with a focus on developer productivity and high per

jsa-aerial Data exploration and interactive documents; with editor support (emacs, vim, sublime, and paredit), graphics and visualization

dranikpg Dto mapper dto-mapper is an easy-to-use library for complex struct mapping. It's intended for the creation of data transfer objects, hence the name. W

sjwhitworth GoLearn GoLearn is a 'batteries included' machine learning library for Go. Simplicity, paired with customisability, is the goal. We are in active deve

alonsovidales package ml - Machine Learning Libraries ###import "github.com/alonsovidales/go_ml" Package ml provides some implementations of usefull machine learnin

wgpsec CreateHiddenAccount 创建隐藏账号 中文 | EN Tool Introduction There are two common ways to create a hidden account. One is to add the $ sign directly after the

ynqa Word Embeddings in Go wego is the implementations from scratch for word embeddings (a.k.a word representation) models in Go. What's word embeddings? W

Lazin go-ngram N-gram index for Go. Key features Unicode support. Append only. Data can't be deleted from index. GC friendly (all strings are pooled and com

reiver Go Porter Stemmer A native Go clean room implementation of the Porter Stemming Algorithm. This algorithm is of interest to people doing Machine Learni

rlouf Birdland is a famous Jazz club. It is also a recommendation library. Birdland is a collaborative filtering algorithm in two steps: exploration and rec

fredwu Stemmer An English (Porter2) stemming implementation in Elixir. In linguistic morphology and information retrieval, stemming is the process of reducin

bgokden Veri Veri is a Distributed Feature Store optimized for Search and Recommendation tasks. Feature Label store allows storing features as keys and labels

alii boosted-rpc Show when you're out an about on a Boosted board on your Discord RPC I use this with the Ride app for iOS and the IFTTT integration. Effec

ozontech allure-testify Allure-Testify - проект, предоставляющий полноценный провайдер allure в go, без перегрузки интерфейса использования. Проект начинался к

hedhyw gherkingen It's a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) tests generator for Golang. It accepts a *.feature Cucumber/Gherkin file and generates a test boi

yusukebe mirror mirror is command line tool for mirroring a web page. Caution Do not abuse Demo Installation go install github.com/yusukebe/mirror/cmd/mirror@l

ahmetcanozcan FET Build query dynamically A Go library for building mongo queries with factory functions. What is FET? you can build queries with factory functions.

golangpros gosocket About: A Simple Go Socket Framework Installation: $ go get -u github.com/golangpros/gosocket Tutorial: import "github.com/golangpros/gosocke

rfratto WORK IN PROGRESS: Viceroy is a very early work in progress and is subject to breaking changes. It's also subject to not really working all that well y

tomberek ssentr Send SSE when files change. Setup: $ cat Caddyfile http://localhost:8085 route /reload { header Access-Control-Allow-Origin * header Access-C

TorchedSammy Opera 💃 MRPIS implementation for osu! Opera is a program to send currently playing osu! maps/songs over DBus. It implements the MPRIS specification a

DEXbotLLC The sidecar to your cryptocurrency wallet Create an account on DEXbot.io » Read the Docs to Get Started » Check Out The Whitepaper » Introduction DEXb

Bios-Marcel 2048 terminal edition This a simple 2048 implementation running on the terminal. 2048.mp4 Using To build, go version 1.17 or later is required. After

suadev git-sum cli tool See open issue and pull request counts for each repository of the user. Installation go install github.com/suadev/git-sum@latest Usa