A curated list of awesome Go frameworks, libraries and software

Newest releases

ycd 🚩 TOC, zero configuration table of content generator for Markdown files, create table of contents from any Markdown file with ease.

breml Package rootcerts provides an embedded copy of the Mozilla Included CA Certificate List, more specifically the PEM of Root Certificates in Mozilla's Root Store with the Websites (TLS/SSL) Trust Bit Enabled. If this package is impo

higker Waiting group for collecting goroutine information.

tmountain uchess is an interactive terminal chess client designed to allow gameplay and move analysis in conjunction with UCI chess engines.

LockGit gochat is a lightweight im server implemented using pure go🚀

stackrox KubeLinter is a static analysis tool that checks Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts to ensure the applications represented in them adhere to best practices.

Hyperspace-Logistics Heart 💜 A high performance Lua web server with a simple, powerful API

lightninglabs Aperture is your portal to the Lightning-Native Web. Aperture is used in production today by Lightning Loop, a non-custodial on/off ramp for the Lightning Network.

1-st A powerful cli tool to implement gin annotation ⭐

anmitsu Goful is a CUI file manager implemented by Go.

JackBister Logsuck is a program that makes it easier for you to deal with your logs. It serves a similar purpose to Splunk or the ELK stack. You can use it to search your logs, correlate logs from different log files with each other and set

Dreamacro Clash - A rule-based tunnel in Go.

Jguer Yet another Yogurt - An AUR Helper written in Go

gotranspile CxGo is a tool for translating C source code to Go (aka transpiler, source-to-source compiler).

juicedata JuiceFS is an open-source POSIX file system built on top of Redis and object storage (e.g. Amazon S3), designed and optimized for cloud native environment. By using the widely adopted Redis and S3 as the persistent storage, JuiceF

mrusme Journalist. An RSS aggregator.

alash3al converts text-formats from one to another, it is very useful if you want to re-format a json file to yaml, toml to yaml, csv to yaml, ... etc

SlitiBrahim A Go REST API wrapping the official Telegram API and used to send myself notifications, on my phone, based on some events.

m7shapan enable you to load CSV files and manipulate them using SQL queries then after you finish you can export the new values to CSV file

graphikDB gproxy is a reverse proxy service AND library for creating flexible, expression-based, lets-encrypt/acme secured gRPC/http reverse proxies

ssrathi Golang library to act on structure fields at runtime. Similar to Python getattr(), setattr(), hasattr() APIs.

pry0cc Multi-threaded socks proxy checker written in Go!

Xyntax CDK is an open-sourced container penetration toolkit, offering stable exploitation in different slimmed containers without any OS dependency. It comes with useful net-tools and many powerful PoCs/EXPs helps you to escape container

kitabisa Secure Shell Bruteforcer — A faster & simpler way to bruteforce SSH server

pyroscope-io Continuous profiling platform — find bottlenecks in your code!

statping Status Page for monitoring your websites and applications with beautiful graphs, analytics, and plugins. Run on any type of environment.

craftyphotons A globally-distributed, eventually-consistent, 100% available key-value store.

tinogoehlert DOOM engine written in Go

viertaxa CUP – The Cloudflare (DNS) Updater Program

mvdan A corpus of popular Go modules

62726164 A program to quickly survey security.txt files found on the Alexa Top 1 Million websites. The program takes about 15 hours to run over a 1.5Mbit residential DSL connection. It could go much faster over high-speed links.

chromedp Package chromedp is a faster, simpler way to drive browsers supporting the Chrome DevTools Protocol in Go without external dependencies (like Selenium or PhantomJS).

while1malloc0 The hotwire demo chat written in Golang