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rrousselGit The expect_error package is a testing library inspired by Typescript's // @espect-error, designed to help package authors to test compilation errors.

Frezyx Debug - Friend Flutter debug helper widget with common and custom actions

niezhiyang Simple, pretty and powerful logger for flutter,It has the log level, file name and line number, and can customize the color of the log level,It was inspired by logger ,Color not supported on ios。

leanflutter A curated list of awesome things related to Flutter desktop.

pacifio A CLI tool to help generate dart classes from json returned from API

VeryGoodOpenSource Utility on top of the Flutter Driver API that facilitates measuring the performance of your app in an automated way

LianjiaTech Optimize for caton caused by builds, such as page switches or rapid scrolling of complex lists, through frame-splitting rendering.

dart-lang Utilities for loading and running WASM modules from Dart code

Sky24n Dart common utils library. DateUtil, EncryptUtil, JsonUtil, LogUtil, MoneyUtil, NumUtil, ObjectUtil, RegexUtil, TextUtil, TimelineUtil, TimerUtil.

capitalpidx Working proof of the Go server running inside Flutter

googleads A Flutter plugin for the Google Mobile Ads SDK

Derrick56007 A simple way to bring drag’n’drop to flutter web. drop_zone is commonly used for file choosing by dragging and dropping a file(s) onto a designated widget. The user can then use the dropped html file(s).

supabase A Dart client for Supabase

ajinasokan Flutter plugin to use libcurl for HTTP calls in Flutter Android & iOS apps. HTTP stack built in to Dart as part of dart:io supports only HTTP 1.1.

letsar A lightweight, yet powerful way to bind your application state with your business logic.

m-hamzashakeel For all the Flutter developers out there make your first Pull Request and earn a free Tee from GitHub!

iampawan Flutter Practice Live Series

Tarikul711 Flutter App Developer Roadmap - A complete roadmap to learn Flutter App Development. I tried to learn flutter using this roadmap. If you want to add something please contribute to the project. Happy Learning

funwithflutter Applications and videos showing some UI tips in Flutter

pksasso O Dart é uma linguagem que está com um bom crescimento graças o Flutter, um framework feito pelo google que utiliza a linguagem Dart.

Codelessly The pub.dev website recreated in Flutter.

YazeedAlKhalaf Flutter Installer is an installer for Flutter built with Flutter 💙😎✌

EdvaldoMartins This is an example using the pub.dev api where the goal is to list the packages

Amitbhave Simple url preview package for flutter

AngeloAvv Flutter Flavorizr A flutter utility to easily create flavors in your flutter application Getting Started Let's start by setting up our environment in

TatsuUkraine Environment Config Generator Environment specific config generator. Allows to specify env configuration during CI/CD build. Primarily created to simpl

leoafarias fvm Flutter Version Management: A simple cli to manage Flutter SDK versions. FVM helps with the need for a consistent app builds by allowing to refere

hillelcoren Flutter Redux Starter/Code Generator Videos Short video ~ 1 minute Long video ~ 10 minutes We're using this approach to develop the Flutter app for In

fluttercommunity Flutter Launcher Icons A command-line tool which simplifies the task of updating your Flutter app's launcher icon. Fully flexible, allowing you to cho