Outlook Email App Redesign - Flutter Fully Responsive Design UI

We redesign the outlook app also make it responsive so that you can run it everywhere on your phone, tab, or web.

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abuanwar072 We redesign the outlook app also make it responsive so that you can run it everywhere on your phone, tab, or web.

OsirisS13 Carrier Maintenance Notification Automation Python script to search an Outlook mailbox for a telecommunications carrier maintenance notification email, extract the information within and create an Outlook Calendar event for it.

JoshData Convert Outlook .msg Files to .eml (MIME format) This repository contains a Python 3.6 module for reading Microsoft Outlook .msg files and converting them to .eml format, which is the standard MIME format for email messages. Ins

foundation Foundation for Emails Foundation for Emails (previously known as Ink) is a framework for creating responsive HTML emails that work in any email client — even Outlook. Our HTML/CSS components have been tested across every ma

ProgramLeague EW.Email v1.0.0 Use email to wake your PC, and so on. Screenshot Sent email with subject alive & ip & wake Ray Eldath's Desktop: And you will receive: Features Multi-commends email (email

boku7 Azure Outlook Command & Control (C2) - Remotely control a compromised Windows Device from your Outlook mailbox. Threat Emulation Tool for North Korean APT InkySquid / ScarCruft / APT37. TTP: Use Microsoft Graph API for C2 Operations.

theindianappguy Here’s a Tinder Gold redesign concept for the popular dating app made with Flutter.

andreciornavei A redesign of starbucks app made with Flutter!

SurajLad Instagram UI redesign for Desktop App made in Flutter Desktop.

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jordan-wright email Robust and flexible email library for Go Email for humans The email package is designed to be simple to use, but flexible enough so as not to be restrictive. The goal is to provide an email interface for huma

truemail-rb Configurable framework agnostic plain Ruby email validator. Verify email via Regex, DNS and SMTP. Be sure that email address valid and exists. Table of Contents Synopsis Features Requirements Install

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TheAlphaApp Flutter Task Planner App Design Task Planner App is built in flutter. App design is based on Task Planner App designed by Purrweb UI. This app is static. I mean, This is a UI design. No backend. Screenshots

EmailThis Typographic Email This is a responsive email template that is optimized for readability. This is used in my project - EmailThis. I created it because I needed a simple, minimal yet beautiful email template that focusses specifica

M66B FairEmail Open source, privacy friendly email app This email app might be for you if your current email app: takes long to receive or show messages can manage only one mailbox cannot show related messages cannot work o

Codevickk This is a whatsapp ux redesign i did. The aim of this project was to solidify my knowledge UX and UI design.

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