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rknell A performant, express like server framework with a few bonuses that make life even easier.

felangel A Flutter Thesaurus made for Byteconf Flutter 2020

rodydavis app_review Description Flutter Plugin for Requesting and Writing Reviews in Google Play and the App Store. Apps have to be published for the app to be

pinkfish flutter_places_dialog Shows a places picker dialog in ios and android, returning the data in the places picker to the app. Getting Started Generate yo

OneSignal OneSignal Flutter SDK OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps. This SDK makes it easy to integrate your Flutter iOS and/or Andro

VictorRancesCode Dialogflow v1 & v2 for Flutter apps. ❤️ Star ❤️ the repo to support the project. Thanks! A new Flutter package. Example Awesome Tutorials Flutter and