Redux / ELM / Dependency Injection

Redux / ELM / Dependency Injection

Newest releases

marathon-dart A framework and collection of packages for writing http servers, built on top of the shelf package. This framework is intended to reduce the technical

alibaba Fish Redux What is Fish Redux ? Fish Redux is an assembled flutter application framework based on Redux state management. It is suitable for building

google flutter_flux A Dart app architecture library with uni-directional data flow inspired by RefluxJS and Facebook's Flux. This is an experimental package

google package:inject Compile-time dependency injection for Dart and Flutter, similar to Dagger. NOTE: This is not an official Google or Dart team project. E

brianegan flutter_redux A set of utilities that allow you to easily consume a Redux Store to build Flutter Widgets. This package is built to work with Redux.dar

fluttercommunity redux.dart Redux for Dart using generics for typed State. It includes a rich ecosystem of Docs, Middleware, Dev Tools and can be combined with Flutter

davidmarne flutter_built_redux built_redux bindings for Flutter. By creating a Widget that extends StoreConnector you get automatic subscribing to your redux sto