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nemoryoliver RevenueCat Client A 3rd Party RevenueCat Cross Platform Client made with Flutter! This app is not endorsed nor affiliated by RevenueCat. Logo & Tradem

ElshiatyTube Mauve Flutter E-commerce Mauve E-commerce single vendor | Flutter BloC arch Tech Stack Client: Dart, Flutter Server: Firebase firestore Features, Tech

31Carlton7 Sap Sap is a music streaming & discovery app built with the Deezer API for iOS and Android. It includes a mini player, search and local storage. Be su

aryanvikash Teledax A Telegram Index Client app written in Flutter. what It can do ? it can list All your Telegram channel or group file in app . Features it can

jonataslaw Official CLI for the GetX™ framework. This CLI is in Beta stage, use with caution. // To install: pub global activate get_cli // To create a flutter

VGVentures Very Good Analysis Developed with 💙 by Very Good Ventures 🦄 This package provides Dart linter rules which are used at Very Good Ventures. For more i

mj-hd dashboy Gameboy Emulator by dart&flutter Language: Dart UI: Flutter Graphics: CustomPainter + Canvas The core implementation is based on my prior work

gerfagerfa Real Estate App UI in Flutter Source Code - Enjoy ! Most Important Social Media YouTube: I ho

FlutterGen The Flutter code generator for your assets, fonts, colors, … — Get rid of all String-based APIs. Inspired by SwiftGen. Motivation. Using asset path st

urmilshroff Muze About Jam tunes with your friends! Muze can be thought of as a Netflix Party for music. The idea is to create 'rooms' which your friends can join

ahmedgulabkhan SnakeGameFlutter Star ⭐ the repo if you like what you see 😉 . 🛈 About SnakeGameFlutter is a recreation of the famous Snake Game that was present in

viveeeeeek ⚠️ Only accepting contributions made to Flutter app. Any other contributions wont be accepted ⚠️ Web and Android app build over Flutter. Here in this

FlutterWithGia Mobile Marketplace Watch it on YouTube Explore & Product Detail Screen On this Marketplace Design has two pages one for the product page which has a h

afgprogrammer Flutter Wallet Application Example - Day 40 class Afgprogrammer extends Flutter100DaysOfCode { video() { return { "title": "Flutter Wallet

serdarpolat Flutter Food Delivery App Light Screenshots Onboard Auth Home Search Shopping Basket Liked Profile Dark Screenshots Onboard Auth Home Search Shopping

Hritik-Chaurasia LAVENDER 📺 A fully-functional video streaming app like netflix made in Flutter using Custom Nodejs backend. How To Run This Project 🏃‍♂️ Clone the r

gerfagerfa Recipe App made with Flutter 🤝 Support Us Buy me a coffe: Patreon:

mhmzdev Flutter App - Basic Template It's a time saving template with basic project structure, packages and other files like constants.dart to get started rat

andrea689 Remote Devtools for flutter_bloc Remote Devtools support for Blocs of flutter_bloc. N.B. Cubit is not supported Installation Add the library to pubspe

afgprogrammer Flutter e-commerce Application Example - Day 34 class Afgprogrammer extends Flutter100DaysOfCode { video() { return { "title": "Flutter e-

vandadnp chords Chords Library app for both iOS and Andorid, written in Flutter by Vandad Nahavandipoor LICENCE You are free to clone this repo and learn from

AhmedLSayed9 Shopzler A new open source E-commerce App created using Flutter and GetX. ScreenShots Features : Sign-In, Sign-Up and LogOut using Email & Password /

theiskaa Dev Ex About Dev Ex : (Dev Exam) application have been developed with flutter + firebase backaend service. It's a online exam and learning platform, f

WahidNasri Flutter Chat app using MQTT. The Broker should install HiveMQ Chat-Extension first. Screenshots Login Rooms Chat Profile Contact details Media message

Lacerte Clima ☁ Beautiful, minimal, and fast weather app.

aloisdeniel The modular state management solution for flutter. Easy debugging : each event is predictable and goes into a single pipeline Centralized state : soli

squadhead iub_student_companion A new Flutter project. Getting Started This project is a starting point for a Flutter application. A few resources to get you st

googlecreativelab Air Snare Lets you play the drums in the air. Overview Since 2009, coders have created thousands of experiments using Chrome, Android, AI, WebVR, AR a

github What is this? Press the . key on any repository or pull request, or swap .com with .dev in the URL, to go directly to a VS Code environment in your br

vellt Movies App 🎬 Hi, do you like movies? 😁 Try MoviesApp here, or if you are a developer click here. There are currently 4 themes in the app. Search for

mhmzdev Flutter App - Basic Template It's a time saving template with basic project structure, packages and other files like constants.dart to get started rat

antz22 ✳️ The Ultimate Guide to App Development with Flutter ✳️ A complete and comprehensive guide to learning Flutter with explanations, screenshots, tips,

JoseAndresHV progra-aplicada-si220 Este repositorio contendrá todos los proyectos necesarios para la materia Programación Aplicada (SI220). Aquí podrás encontrar A