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shubhamhackz A Flutter app with flip animation to view profiles of friends. 🌟

bytedance UME is an in-app debug kits platform for Flutter. Produced by Flutter Infra team of ByteDance

jamesblasco When building scrollable views, sometimes you would prefer that the scroll stopped at a given offset, or that it avoids to stop inside some area. This package allows you to implement this on any Flutter scroll view.

fireship-io QuizApp Built with Flutter & Firebase

umutocak It is a copy of the WhatsApp design.

Nash0x7E2 Sticker chat is a messaging application built using Flutter, Stream, and Rive. It allows users to send and receive messages in real-time in just a few lines of code.

lesliearkorful A UI clone of a Clubhouse design concept by @ZeezCrypto on Twitter

Aldo111 This Flutter project recreates an electronics store home screen mockup. The mockup was created by on instagram.

anfeichtinger A flutter project containing bloc, flutter_lints, hive, easy_translations and more!

Ninjas-Code-official A full-fledged package to build an e-commerce application for iOS and Android similar to Myntra/JackThreads. Available with beautiful design and necessary features along with screen for Dashboard and Mobile app. Build using React

flutter Google I/O 2021 Photo Booth built with Flutter and Firebase

theindianappguy Flutter news app with NewsApi Org

pensil-inc Pensil Teach App is an education platform created specifically for the tutors of the digital age. Pensil Teaching app reduce gap between tutor and students and form a bridge no matter how far they are.

salvadordeveloper Complete Flutter Application with Riverpod & Freezed + Dio for API REST.

Zfinix A clone of the Cowrywise app UI in Flutter

thlorenz Examples showing how to use Rid in order to build Dart/Flutter apps integrated with Rust.

vantrung8794 The UI/UX of Music app from Capi Design team.

iampawan A platform to share crowdsourced information of plasma donors, hospital beds and oxygen suppliers to help COVID patients

VGVentures A Flutter app that demonstrates how to build a simple app using the SpaceX API created by the Very Good Ventures Team.

stryder-dev Target the specific design of Material for Android and Cupertino for iOS widgets through a common set of Platform aware widgets

alberteije T2Ti Pegasus PDV Lite Este repositório mantém o código do sistema T2Ti Pegasus PDV Lite. Este sistema faz parte de um projeto maior chamado T2Ti ERP 3

CympleTech ESSE (Encrypted Symmetrical Session Engine) An open source encrypted peer-to-peer session system would allow data to be sent securely from one terminal to another without going through third-party services.

iampawan The objective of this tutorial is to look at how we can customise Flutter Widgets to achieve our own beautiful user interface designs including State Management.

hosain-mohamed This is the Flutter home screen which is a base Doctor application.

m-hamzashakeel DevFolio - Portfolio for Developers Designed live portfolio using Flutter 2.0. Available for Android and Web. 💻

leoafarias A simple app to make Flutter development more delightful

realdiganta A Fully Functioning Chat Messenger (like Whatsapp) built using Flutter.

olmps English | Portuguese Memo Monorepo for Memo. Memo is an open-source, programming-oriented spaced repetition software (SRS) written in Flutter. As of n

janhendrikf Taking voice conversations to the moon

Santos-Enoque This is a clone of the famous application Uber, and its done with the flutter frame work, this particular repo, contains the code for the rider side

flutter-devs A sample application to show Paytm Flutter Clone.

rodydavis A new Flutter application to showcase how to build Gmail with Flutter.

theiskaa Rest Note A simple note application developed with rest api & firebase. and had a minimalistic UI design, a usage of my own package flutter_button. I