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bilalelmahdaoui Podcast App - Flutter & Redux

shubhamhackz This flutter app is made just to demonstrate how to we can make an animated onboarding experience that looks beautiful and provides a good user experience as well.

GetStream Stream allows developers to rapidly deploy scalable feeds and chat messaging with an industry leading 99.999% uptime SLA guarantee.

beacon-meshenger During emergencies and natural disasters, internet and phone connectivity can often be lost, leaving people unable to contact loved ones or call for assistance.

git-touch An open-source app for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gitea, and Gitee(码云), built with Flutter

simpleclub Package for Flutter apps that allows setting the web URL strategy with a single line of code.

yang991178 Simplistic mobile RSS client built with Flutter

GeekyAnts We wanted to take Flutter a step further and accelerate the process of building production-level apps. Presenting our solution- Flutter Starter!

redsolver Markdown-optimized editor with syntax highlighting Supports Github Flavored Markdown, AsciiMath, KaTeX and mermaidjs for diagrams Tags for organizing your notes Pin, Star and sort your notes by title or different dates Very th

viditsingh17 PetApp - An (Sample)app that allows users to donate their pets and adopt others pets.

abuanwar072 In the first part of our complete e-commerce app, we show you how you can create a nice clean onboarding screen for your e-commerce app that can run both Andriod and iOS devices because it builds with flutter.

LaoMengFlutter 包含350多个组件用法、组件继承关系图、40多个 loading 组件,App升级、验证码、弹幕、音乐字幕 4个插件,一个小而全完整的App项目。

shubham-chhimpa DoneIt is a sample note app 📝 Flutter application 📱 built to demonstrate use of Clean Architecture tools. Dedicated to all Flutter Developers with ❤️.

iampawan This is a radio app where you can ask Alan AI to play some music.

wasabeef Provide User-Agent Client Hints to a Flutter app.

e200 A simple Flutter color generator app built with Cubit + Freezed.

Notsfsssf 一个支持免代理直连及查看动图的第三方Pixiv flutter客户端

amirk3321 Flutter Netflix Clone (with Backed Apis Integration + Clean Architecture) this app follow clean architecture proposed by our friendly Uncle Bob.

DevFest-India In this track we will explore how to design and develop flutter apps for mobile and then deploy them to the web. Also covering concepts of end to end UI development with responsive layouts,navigation concepts and API management.

gloria2000 This is a simple open source project where you can easily contribute by uploading algorithms that are not specified in the list.

brocodev This is a set of small projects focused solely on the development of the graphical interface with Flutter

artob NEAR protocol client for Flutter apps.

localizely Flutter sample app with Over-the-air translation updates

Fireboltz In life there are lot of problems one faces which might lead to people getting addicted to stuff ranging from coffee/tea to even drugs. This disturbs the mental health of a person on a fundamental level and also has a bitter impac

yiss A demo of how to build a mini Spotify using Flutter and Riverpod

xuyisheng A beautiful design and useful project for Building a flutter knowledge architecture

MCarlomagno Simple face recognition authentication (Sign up + Sign in) written in Flutter using Tensorflow Lite and Firebase ML vision library.

jonataslaw The first backend/frontend/mobile framework written in one syntax for Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Mac, Windows, Fuchsia, and backend.

gumbarros Consuming NASA API to visualize exoplanets data in a Flutter app

amirk3321 flutter Booking Management Dashboard responsive (web,mobile,tablet)

rokwire Source code repository of "Safer Illinois" App - the official COVID-19 app of the University of Illinois.

gerfagerfa Car Rental App in Flutter

Abdellatif404 Simple notes app written in flutter, you can add notes and delete them, I hope you like it 😊