Bottom bars

Bottom bars

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kekland Customizable Material and Cupertino buttons with progress indicators and more. Useful if you want to run some background tasks when user presses on the button, and then show the result of the task.

pedromassango Titled Bottom Navigation Bar A beautiful, clean and simple bottom navigation bar with smooth animation on click. This package is high customizable, re

pedromassango BottomNavyBar A beautiful and animated bottom navigation. The navigation bar use your current theme, but you are free to customize it. Preview PageVie

imaNNeoFighT Circular Bottom Navigation (or maybe a tab bar). This is implementation of an artwork in Uplabs Donate Support us by becoming a patron on Patreon Let'

tunitowen FancyBottomNavigation Getting Started Add the plugin (pub coming soon): dependencies: ... fancy_bottom_navigation: ^0.3.2 Limitations For now this