Bluetooth / NFC / Beacon

Bluetooth / NFC / Beacon

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okadan NFC for Flutter A Flutter plugin to manage the NFC features. Supported on both Android and iOS. Setup Android Setup Add android.permission.NFC to your

PhilipsHue Flutter reactive BLE library Flutter library that handles BLE operations for multiple devices. Usage The reactive BLE lib supports the following: BLE

pszklarska Beacon Broadcast plugin for Flutter A Flutter plugin for turning your device into a beacon. Usage To use this plugin, add beacon_broadcast as a depend

matteocrippa Flutter NFC Reader & Writer A new flutter plugin to help developers looking to use internal hardware inside iOS or Android devices for reading and wri

loup-v Beacons Flutter plugin to work with beacons. Supports Android API 16+ and iOS 8+. Features: Automatic permission management Ranging Monitoring (includ

pauldemarco Introduction FlutterBlue is a bluetooth plugin for Flutter, a new mobile SDK to help developers build modern apps for iOS and Android. Alpha version T