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aloisdeniel montage Organize your animations. Quickstart // 1. Define your animations const entrance = MontageAnimation( key: 'entrance', duration: Duration(s

jedypod Open Display Transform An open source, chromaticity preserving, simple neutral and robust display transform for preparing wide gamut scene-linear high

Lacerte Clima ☁ Beautiful, minimal, and fast weather app.

jeroen-meijer lockpick A CLI for syncing Dart dependency versions between pubspec.yaml and pubspec.lock files. 🔒 Usage # Activate lockpick pub global activate lock

lesnitsky native_context_menu Native context menu for flutter apps Installation flutter pub add native_context_menu Usage import 'package:native_context_menu/na

aloisdeniel The modular state management solution for flutter. Easy debugging : each event is predictable and goes into a single pipeline Centralized state : soli

tahseenquraishi # food_delivery_app A new Flutter project. Getting Started This project is a starting point for a Flutter application. A few resources to get you star

squadhead iub_student_companion A new Flutter project. Getting Started This project is a starting point for a Flutter application. A few resources to get you st

qq326646683 中文文档 Backdrop Transparent video animation is currently one of the more popular implementations of animation. Major manufacturers have also open source

googlecreativelab Air Snare Lets you play the drums in the air. Overview Since 2009, coders have created thousands of experiments using Chrome, Android, AI, WebVR, AR a

fluttercommunity Flutter Community - A central place for community made Flutter content.

Cobalt-Strike Beacon Health Check Aggressor Script Joe Vest (Twitter: @joevest) Description This aggressor script uses a beacon's note field to indicate the health

bernaferrari Cash Balancer It is too hard to balance money across different assets and accounts. Spreadsheets are too hostile; banks are too complex. This app shou

github What is this? Press the . key on any repository or pull request, or swap .com with .dev in the URL, to go directly to a VS Code environment in your br

vellt Movies App 🎬 Hi, do you like movies? 😁 Try MoviesApp here, or if you are a developer click here. There are currently 4 themes in the app. Search for

rrousselGit The expect_error package is a testing library inspired by Typescript's // @espect-error, designed to help package authors to test compilation errors.

mhmzdev Flutter App - Basic Template It's a time saving template with basic project structure, packages and other files like constants.dart to get started rat

antz22 ✳️ The Ultimate Guide to App Development with Flutter ✳️ A complete and comprehensive guide to learning Flutter with explanations, screenshots, tips,

JoseAndresHV progra-aplicada-si220 Este repositorio contendrá todos los proyectos necesarios para la materia Programación Aplicada (SI220). Aquí podrás encontrar A

abuanwar072 Production-Ready Doctor Consultant App - Flutter UI Watch it on YouTube Packages we are using: flutter_svg: link Complete Source code (Patreon) In thi

sbis04 IoT based plant monitoring system which is connected to Firebase. A Flutter app is used to display the live data from the sensors attached to the plan

hazarbelge The Movie DB App with Flutter GetX A new Flutter TheMovieDB Application example with GetX State Management Register and get Api Key from The Movie DB

devyuji isave Instagram tool to download images, reels, videos and more. Different version Web React Native Try out the app App link A feedback would be appre

adrianflutur An attempt to implement better scrolling for Flutter Web and Desktop. Includes keyboard, MButton and custom mouse wheel scrolling. Getting started Exa

Frezyx Debug - Friend Flutter debug helper widget with common and custom actions

aloisdeniel Flutter implementation of Figma's corner smoothing.

syncfusion This repository contains the Syncfusion Flutter UI widgets examples and the guide to use them.

niezhiyang Simple, pretty and powerful logger for flutter,It has the log level, file name and line number, and can customize the color of the log level,It was inspired by logger ,Color not supported on ios。

leanflutter A curated list of awesome things related to Flutter desktop.

Shashwat-Joshi WikiSearch is a Flutter search engine which was build using BLoC/Cubit pattern and powered by the MediaWiki API.

oguzhnatly Flutter Apps now on Apple CarPlay! flutter_carplay aims to make it safe to use iPhone apps made with Flutter in the car by integrating with CarPlay. CarPlay takes the things you want to do while driving and puts them on the car’s

jcrisp88 Flutter WebRTC demo with Python server to perform image processing on video frames using OpenCV

Davies-K A Productivity Mobile Application UI kit built with Flutter