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JordanMarr An F# computation expression that groups Fable UI data into one or more collapsible panels

Blazored The easiest html5 video implementation for Blazor applications.

spaceflint7 This is an initial release of a partial implementation of the .NET platform on top of the Java Virtual Machine, and compatible with Android runtime. The Bluebonnet bytecode compiler translates .NET CIL into Java bytecode in Java c

EmotionEngineer Video player with content analysis function for age rating

LimerBoy Open source stealer written on C#, all logs will be sent to Telegram bot.

neofito CVE-2020-1337 - Binary Planting (CVE-2020-1048 bypass)

mubartok Minuit is a Visual Studio Code theme inspired by Dan Abramov's Overreacted blog color scheme, which was itself based on Sarah Drasner's Night Owl syntax theme.

checkymander C# Executable with embedded Python that can be used reflectively to run python code on systems without Python installed

keijiro PcxEffects3 is a Unity project where I tried using a point cloud (imported via Pcx) as a VFX source.

builtbybel 💧 🦄 Redesigned Windows 10 Update page which gives you more control over the updates

chetu3319 A Unity plugin for easily binding fundamental properties of a class to the Normal's Normcore networking module. The plugin provides a generic networking model which can be configured and connected to sync multiple properties of cl

builtbybel 👒 Don't let Windows 10 Update to sabotage you at work

hanmin0822 御坂翻译器—Galgame/文字游戏/漫画多语种实时机翻工具

postprintum DevComrade is a Windows copy/paste/run productivity improvement tool for developers.

Cyanilux Unity in-editor to-do list, attached as a component and uses a custom inspector based on ReorderableList.

Kyome22 A cute running cat animation on your windows taskbar. Enjoy!

asus4 Neumorphism UI is an experimental shader for Unity uGUI. Even though texture size is very small (e.g 64x64), it enables us to draw very smooth and scalable images using the MSDF(Multi-channel signed distance field) technique. This

knightswarrior AutoUpdater is a library which allows developers to easily add auto update feature to their desktop (Windows, macOS and Linux) application.

TASVideos BizHawk is a multi-system emulator written in C#. BizHawk provides nice features for casual gamers such as full screen, and joypad support in addition to full rerecording and debugging tools for all system cores.

badawe Most of the time when dealing with Scriptable Object they all belong to some sort of collections, let's say for example all your consumables on the game? Or maybe all your weapons? Or even all your in-app purchases. And dealing wi

awarre Comprehensive Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) cleanup, optimization, maintenance, and configuration PowerShell script.

PieroCastillo A Library with a lot of Controls for AvaloniaUI

julielerman Demo from July 30 2020 DotNet Conference "The Intersection of Microservices, Domain-Driven Design, & EF Core"

stank58 Over the past year or so I have been collecting simple powershell scripts that I find useful and often use on a regular basis. These have all been tested and all have worked for me, however, if any do not work let me know and I'll

AHpxChina ModuleLauncher.Re makes developing a Minecraft launcher efficient and easy

Drizin Dapper Query Builder using String Interpolation and Fluent API

mez-0 CsharpWinRM is a .NET 4.0 implementation of WinRM using the WinRM C++ API. This project takes in credentials and a command, then executes it on the remote host using Win32_Process.

Unity-Technologies This is a sample project to introduce the use of UI Toolkit in Runtime

Flangvik C# port of the Get-AppLockerPolicy PS cmdlet

microsoft RecursiveExtractor is a .NET Standard 2.0/2.1 archive extraction library which can process 7zip, ar, bzip2, deb, gzip, iso, rar, tar, vhd, vhdx, vmdk, wim, xzip, and zip archives and any nested combination of the supported formats

badawe Photoshop Like History panel with shortcut navigation

Tyrrrz MiniRazor is a tiny wrapper around the Razor templating engine, which provides a way to compile and render templates on demand. This library focuses specifically on providing the lightest possible implementation that can be used i

MarkoBL Rosi is an easy way to run your C# code everywhere, especially on Linux and macOS. No need to mess around with package management. Rosi is just a single executable file that you need to run your C# code. Just put it on your USB dr