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Idered 📋 Snatch - Beautiful clipboard manager for Windows

peacecwz Easy to apply dependency injection into .NET Core Projects with Attributes like Spring Boot Applications

AsynkronIT dotnet multi project dockerfile generator

Abdulrhman5 StreetOfThings enables its users to share, rent or gift items they do not need with / to their neighbors through the application, As most homes have things that they need at certain limited times, and most of the time they are lef

TylerLeonhardt This is a SecretManagement extension for LastPass. It leverages the lastpass-cli to interact with LastPass.

jorgejgnz This is a ready-to-go project using HPTK. Used only for educational purposes.

ThomasMiz A rectangle packing library made in C# for .NET Standard.Loosely based on the well-known C++ rectpack-2D library. This started as a side-project for the TrippyGL graphics library but as it grew, I decided to give it it's own repos

mariusmuntean A Xamarin.Forms library to display particles e.g. confetti. Should work on all platforms.

Emzi0767 A toolkit for managing Among Us games. Primarly aimed at Discord, specifically muting people outside of meetings, and muting during meetings.

kzu Exposes project and assembly level information as constants in the ThisAssembly class using source generators powered by Roslyn.

spencerwooo 📟 Dev on Windows with WSL | 在 Windows 上用 WSL 优雅开发

zephyo A collection of visual Unity experiments with latest packages (URP, Shader Graph, Cinemachine, etc).

suadev Asp.Net Core microservices that communicate asynchronous through Kafka message broker

shanselman A .NET core based scene switcher than connects to OBS and changes scenes based note meta data. Put "OBS:Your Scene Name" as the first line in your notes and ensure the OBS Web Sockets Server is running and this app will change you

danigargu CVE-2020-0796 - Windows SMBv3 LPE exploit #SMBGhost

mariusmuntean A Xamarin.Forms library to display particles e.g. confetti. Should work on all platforms.

Thundernerd Auto Hook is a property drawer that automagically assigns a reference to your field.

mob-sakai Change the C# compiler (csc) used in your Unity project, as you like!

Fewes A small GPU-based component designed to aid in cleaning and refining satellite/DEM based terrains directly inside Unity.

LimerBoy Decrypt gecko based browsers passwords, cookies, history, bookmarks.

yourwishismine A remake of the 1980 Exidy Sorcerer game written by JOSEPH R. POWER

Maoni0 This is a document to help with .NET memory analysis and diagnostics.

BennyKok Text-based simple hierarchy header, no fancy magic, just works

FortyNorthSecurity Macro-Enabled Excel File Generator (.xlsm) using the EPPlus Library.

madskristensen A full-featured yet simple blog engine built on ASP.NET Core 3.1.

mez-0 MoveScheduler is another weekend binge that focuses on lateral movement via several different methods of scheduling tasks:

shalzuth FallGuys cheats, hacks, exploits

James231 App to add websites/software/files/folders/scripts to the Windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar, and priority shortcuts to Windows 10 Search.

slyd0g C# project to create or modify existing LNKs

rxwx Chlonium is an applicion designed for cloning Chromium Cookies.

tokyoneon Chimera is a (shiny and very hack-ish) PowerShell obfuscation script designed to bypass AMSI and antivirus solutions. It digests malicious PS1's known to trigger AV and uses string substitution and variable concatenation to evade

G0ldenGunSec .Net port of the remote SAM + LSA Secrets dumping functionality of impacket's secretsdump.py. By default runs in the context of the current user.

MartinIsla STasks is a simple library that aims at replacing most common uses of coroutines. It's easy to use, faster to write and performance-first.