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mattatz PointCloudExplorer PointCloudExplorer is an experimental project using point cloud data on Unity. Rendering with uniform grid Rendering performance ca

darktohka FlashPatch! Download latest version What's this? FlashPatch! is a tool that modifies the Flash Player installation on your computer, making it possibl

keijiro CustomShaderFunctionTest This repository contains examples of custom function nodes for Unity Shader Graph. Box filter A simple implementation of a bo

brunomikoski Animation Sequencer I LOVE Tween, I love DOTween even more! But having to wait for a recompilation every time you tweak a single value on some animati

EricFreeman Dynamic Decals by Llockham-Industries Unity Forums | Getting Started | Masking | Pooling | Printers | Modifiers | Positioners | Optimizing Build Times

p3nt4 RunDLL.Net Execute .Net assemblies using Rundll32.exe Usage: rundll32 Rundll.Net.dll,main <assembly> <class> <method> [(type)][arg1] [(type)][arg2]...

nccgroup Windows Killed Process Canary A Windows Service to detect if it has been shutdown and hibernate if multiple instances are. Released as open source by

cert-lv Detect webshells dropped on Microsoft Exchange servers after 0day compromises This script looks for webshells dropped on Microsoft Exchange servers wh

dotnetcore HttpReports is an APM (application performance monitor) system for Net Core. Based on MIT open source protocol, The main functions include statistics, analysis, visualization, monitoring, tracking, etc,It is very suitable for use

StartAutomating Easy Asynchronous Event-Driven Scripting with PowerShell

CursedLand A Deobfuscator Base Which Uses Plugins And Multi-Platform Of Assembly Lib's | Its Easy To Build On Download Now Make Ur Own Plugin !

macgile A custom DataGrid control that inherits from the base DataGrid control class and override some methods to implement filters for each column, like Excel.

itsvse A plug-in that counts the usage of .NET application resources, including: CPU usage, GC, thread status, support for obtaining status information through web requests (access paths and authentication can be customized), and data wi

keijiro jp.keijiro.apriltag is a Unity package that provides an implementation of the AprilTag tracker.

gulceselim ReCap Project : Araba Kiralama Sistemi

serkanurganci ReCapProject Engin Demiroğ tarafından düzenlenen Nitelikli Yazılım Geliştirici Yetiştirme Kampı Araç Kiralama Projesidir.

Zaid-Ajaj A library to easily generate Excel sheets from data in F#. Built on top of ClosedXML

S4R1N A simple PoC which leverages the Outlook Application Interface (COM Interface) to execute shellcode on a system based on a specific trigger subject line.

kyubuns With AkyuiUnity.Xd, you can easily generate Unity Prefab from Adobe XD files.

DavidChild bitter.core is a high-performance and easy-to-use netcore / netframework orm framework. I think you'll love it. designed for development and efficiency. efficiency, high performance and high stability are always the pursuit of pro

valheimPlus A HarmonyX Mod aimed at improving the gameplay and quality of life of the game Valheim.

microsoft Microsoft Power Fx is a low-code general purpose programming language based on spreadsheet-like formulas. It is a strongly typed, declarative, and functional language, with imperative logic and state management available as needed

dursunkatar Marketler zincirinde ucuz ürün arama projesi

keijiro Basic asset collection for Unity VFX Graph

dotMorten A set of extension methods and classes to fill some gaps in WinUI 3, mostly around windowing.

KINGSABRI A simplified version of DotNetToJScript to create a JScript file which loads a .NET v2 assembly from memory.

JoshuaLim007 In game console for Unity

Fewes A minimal (single cginc file) atmospheric scattering implementation for Unity to use as a base for further work and as a reference for anyone wanting to learn. Includes a simple skybox and object shader. No optimizations are used

pixiv Mux provides data binding infrastructure to Unity.

AlexMog Longship aims to provide a simply-to-configure, optimizations, bugfixes and a high-level API for Valheim servers !

gigajew SharpCore is a C#.NET Remote Administration Tool (RAT) Framework

AZ-X A GREAT GUI Offline Tool for manipulating/seeking resolver list of repique and dnscrypt proxy. Documentary work done. Read Wiki first.

Aetsu OffensivePipeline allows to download, compile (without Visual Studio) and obfuscate C# tools for Red Team exercises.