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1996v A small, high performance, powerful serializer using bssom binary protocol

TomaszRewak Stack only json deserialization using generators and the System.Text.Json library

ReubenBond Hagar There are many existing serialization libraries and formats which are efficient, fast, and support schema evolution, so why create this? Existing serialization libraries which support version tolerance tend to

pwntester A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe .NET object deserialization. Description is a collection of utilities and property-oriented programming "gadget chain

neuecc Utf8Json - Fast JSON Serializer for C# Definitely Fastest and Zero Allocation JSON Serializer for C#(.NET, .NET Core, Unity and Xamarin), this serializer write/read directly to UTF8 binary so boostup performance. And

ServiceStack Follow @ServiceStack or view the docs, use StackOverflow or the Customer Forums for support. FREE high-perf Text Serializers and Core Utils powering ServiceStack.Text is an independent, dependency-free

antmicro Migrant 0.14 This is the Migrant project by Antmicro, a fast and flexible serialization framework usable for undecorated classes, written in C#. Table of Contents Introduction Directory organization

mbraceproject FsPickler FsPickler is a serialization library that facilitates the distribution of .NET objects. The implementation focuses on performance and completeness in supported types, including F# types. It supports multipl

SilentOrbit Protocol Buffers C# Code Generator C# code generator for serialization into Googles Protocol Buffers wire format. Parses a .proto file and generates C# source files with classes for e