Provides a service to install NuGet packages into a Unity project via the Unity Package Manager

UnityNuGet This project provides a seamlessly integration of a curated list of NuGet packages within the Unity Package Manager. DISCLAIMER: This is not an official service provided by Unity Technologies Inc. In order to

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keijiro RDSystem RDSystem is a custom texture that generates organic animation with a reaction-diffusion system. Also it's an example showing use of CustomRenderTexture (CustomTexture), which is one of the new features of Unity 2017.1.

Telefonica Telefonica-WannaCry-FileRestorer This tool tries to restore possible files encrypted by WannaCry, in case that the encryption was not finished properly. Version: Alpha-RC1 How to use We provide this video with a

pgodwin GopherServer A Gopher Server implemented in C#. What is in here Simple Socket Server implemented in GopherServer Concept of "Providers' which return a Result for the selector. Providers only have two meth

createthis Overview This project contains the full source code for the Mesh Maker VR UI system. It includes Buttons, Panels, and automatic layout tools like Row and Column containers. It also provides File Open and SaveAs dialogs using a Ph

keijiro Swarm Swarm is an experimental project that tries to find an interesting way of utilizing the procedural instancing feature that was newly introduced in Unity 5.6. There are two types of renderers in Swarm. Swirling Swarm S

Cn33liz _________ __ ___________.__ .__ __ / _____// |______ ______\_ _____/|__| ____ | |___/ |_ ___________ ______ \_____ \\ __\__ \\_ __ \ __) | |/ ___\| | \ __\/ __ \_ __

JamesNK Json.NET Homepage Documentation NuGet Package Release Notes Contributing Guidelines License Stack Overflow World-class JSON Serializer Serialize and deserialize any .NET object with Json.NET's powerful JS

AppMetrics App Metrics What is App Metrics? App Metrics is an open-source and cross-platform .NET library used to record metrics within an application. App Metrics can run on .NET Core or on the full .NET framework also supp