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PowerShell Welcome to the PowerShell GitHub Community! PowerShell is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation and configuration tool/framework that works well with your existing tools and is optimized for dealing

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0xFireball NTypeScript / TypeScript.NET A C#/.NET wrapper for TypeScript License: MIT Features Compile TypeScript from C# Execute compiled JavaScript with built-in JurassicJS Engine Asynchronous API Can run latest Type

tokkyo PSVRTest Read PSVR's Accelerometer data Summary Access PSVR via USB Using Raw Input API (Win32) for capturing HID reports Still need analyzing these byte's meaning... (currently just showing byte [19-48])

quozd Awesome .NET! A collection of awesome .NET libraries, tools, frameworks, and software. Inspired by awesome-ruby, awesome-php, awesome-python, frontend-dev-bookmarks and ruby-bookmarks. Contributions are always welcome! Plea

itext iText consists of several jars. The main iText release contains: itextpdf-x.y.z.jar: the core library itext-xtra-x.y.z.jar: extra functionality (PDF 2!) itext-pdfa-x.y.z.jar: PDF/A-related functionality This project is hosted on

AdaptiveConsulting Aeron.NET A .NET port of the Aeron Client. Aeron is an efficient reliable UDP unicast, UDP multicast, and IPC message transport. Performance is the key focus. Aeron is designed to have the highest throughput with the lowest

joaomatossilva FlatMapper FlatMapper is a library to import and export data from and to plain text files in a Linq compatible way. Features Fast - Only uses Static Reflection and Dynamic methods LINQ Compatible It support

Pereingo Statsd Client - DEPRECATED This project is deprecated as of March 4, 2019. There's no official maintainer, and better alternatives exist. Security only related updates will be considered going forward. Currently active versions w

atulmish Unit Conversion What is it? An expansible .Net class library with support for all modern platforms .Net Framework 4.0+ .Net Standard 1.3+ (.Net 4.5.1+ and .Net Core) UnitConversion is designed to be expan