Newest releases

Flangvik C# tool for installing a shared network printer abusing the PrinterNightmare bug to allow other network machines easy privesc!

Inf0secRabbit Proof of Concept tool to generate malicious macros leveraging techniques like VBA Purging and Shellcode Obfuscation to evade AV engines.

connormcgarr LittleCorporal accepts a user-supplied argument for a process to inject into on a remote machine, in which you plan to execute the malicious Word document on, and also accepts a path to a local shellcode file stored in .bin format

0xDivyanshu Complete Arsenal of Memory injection and other techniques for red-teaming in Windows

secdev-01 .NET 5 Single file Application . Mimikatz or any Base64 PE Loader.

patriksvensson A tool to provision local environments to a desired state, using the .NET SDK.

Mr-Un1k0d3r official report for the AdHuntTool. C# Script used for Red Team. It can be used by Cobalt Strike execute-assembly or as standalone executable.

Kara-4search ShellCodeLoader via DInvoke

yasirkula Control your Windows device from your phone

3gstudent Use to build an anonymous SMB file server.

mjebrahimi SeoTags create all SEO tags you need such as meta, link, twitter card (twitter:), open graph (og:), and JSON-LD schema (structred data).

deanward81 A .NET Core implementation of the AirDrop protocol that allows arbitrary devices to send/receive files from devices that support AirDrop natively (i.e. Apple devices).

builtbybel Checks if your device is ready for the new Windows 11/Sun Valley update

project-winpass11 🔑 WinPass11 Guided Installer is a tool for installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware through a walkthrough process.

beatcracker Toptout: Easily opt-out from telemetry collection

eladshamir Whisker is a C# tool for taking over Active Directory user and computer accounts by manipulating their msDS-KeyCredentialLink attribute, effectively adding "Shadow Credentials" to the target account.

MichalStrehovsky C# as you know it but with Go-inspired tooling that produces small, selfcontained, and native executables out of the box.

GetRektBoy724 C# Based Universal API Unhooker - Automatically Unhook API Hives (ntdll.dll,kernel32.dll,user32.dll,and kernelbase.dll). you might want to use the SilentUnhooker function instead of the Unhooker for stealth reasons. This tool is i

simpleinjector An easy, flexible, and fast Dependency Injection library that promotes best practice to steer developers towards the pit of success.

nettitude C# Reflective loader for unmanaged binaries.

IlanKalendarov SharpHook is inspired by the SharpRDPThief project, It uses various API hooks in order to give us the desired credentials.

dotnetcore This is a lightweight configuration center based on .net core . It is easy to deploy , easy to learn , easy to use .

oskardudycz Tutorial, practical samples and other resources about Event Sourcing in .NET Core.

t0mer RedAlertop is a small and lightweight software written in C# in order to allow us to receive Red Alert (Tzeva Adom) alerts directly to our desktop. The software runs in the background and does not require much resources.

eksperience KnockOutlook is a C# project that interacts with Outlook's COM object in order to perform a number of operations useful in red team engagements.

nezaboodka Nevod is a language and technology for pattern-based text search. It is specially aimed to rapidly reveal entities and their relationships in texts written in the natural language.

Haruma-K Centralized management & batch change system of colors for Unity.

xoofx Superluminal is an outstanding profiler that supports .NET (Core, Framework) applications and provides mixed .NET and Native call stacks.

microsoft Coyote is a tool designed to help ensure that your C# code is free of annoying concurrency bugs.

SRvSaha Application to Fetch the Available Slots & Book the Appointment for COVID-19 Vaccination India

bruno-garcia NuGet package that detects when assemblies compiled without the -optimized flag are added to a project and warns you about it.

Stanley-GF Official PirateStealer repos - Discord Token Grabber / Discord Token Stealer - With discord password (when it change obviously) and whole credit card

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