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grayfallstown Tool to Monitor and Analyse Chia Plotting log files, show health and progress of running plots and estimated time to completion

dotnet This repo generates a package that enables reproducible builds in a single step.

HoLLy-HaCKeR With ManagedInjector, you can inject .NET assemblies into other .NET processes. This allows you to run your own code under the context of that process, and gives you access to all it's internal state using the .NET reflection API.

gradientspace C# library for 2D/3D geometric computation, mesh algorithms, and so on. Boost license.

mika-f .NET Roslyn Analyzer for VRChat Udon and UdonSharp.

ardalis Dot Net Data Access Tour A tour of different data access approaches in .NET 5+. Note: This is meant to demonstrate different ways to make data access

MonkSoul Make .NET development easier, more versatile, and more popular.

TheWover A .NET tool for stealing and importing certificates in the Windows certificate store without touching disk. Useful for red team operations where you need to poach a certificate for pivoting purposes and want to do so with an in-me

conficient A library that generates HTML (e.g. for emails) from Razor Components

Ashraf-Taha Using AR to take eCommerce to the next level

shalzuth D2RModding Modding for Diablo 2 Resurrected This is for single player only and not intented to affect the gameplay of others. It currently allows the

giggio Source Inject A source generator for C# that uses Roslyn (the C# compiler) to allow you to generate your dependencies injection during compile time. B

ryanjon2040 A modern WPF based Network Profiler for Unreal Engine.

CircuitLord Steam • Quickstart Guide • Wiki Desktop Portal Desktop Portal is an advanced Addon for SteamVR, with a suite of tools that make doing previously diffi

CCob MirrorDump Introduction As I am sure some of you are aware from the occasional ramblings and screenshots on twitter, I am a big fan of .NET based offe

codaris Under Desk Bike This project is a Windows desktop application and library for interfacing with an under desk exercise bike. This is a personal project

CCob MinHook.NET Introduction MinHook.NET is a pure managed C# port of the brilliant MinHook library by Tsuda Kageyu (https://github.com/TsudaKageyu/minhoo

Redth dotnet-maui-check .NET MAUI Check tool To install: dotnet tool install -g Redth.Net.Maui.Check To run: maui-check Command line arguments -m <FILE_OR

povlteksttv Eternalblue in C# This project is an almost direct translation of https://github.com/EmpireProject/Empire/blob/master/data/module_source/exploitation/

mubix solarflare Credential Dumping Tool for SolarWinds Orion Blog post: https://malicious.link/post/2020/solarflare-release-password-dumper-for-solarwinds-

jorgejgnz Minimal Hand Physics Unity project containing the minimal code required to perform friction-based grabbing in VR (Oculus Quest) Main features Updating

zcgonvh weaponized tool for CVE-2020-17144(Microsoft Exchange 2010 MRM.AutoTag.Model unsafe deserialize vulnerability) build install .net framework 3.5 first,

Cysharp UnitGenerator C# Source Generator to create Value object pattern, also inspired by units of measure to support all arithmetic operators and serializat

wieslawsoltes Trace Trace is an application for transforming bitmaps into vector graphics using BitmapToVector library. BitmapToVector C# port of Potrace with optio

ugurkryl41 Merhaba, Araba Kiralama Projeme Hoşgeldin.. Proje SOLID, Kurumsal Yazılım Mimari, AOP ve Yazılım Geliştirme Prensiplerine uygun geliştirildi. .Net Cor

mgeeky A Red Team oriented simple HTTP & WebDAV server written in C# with functionality to capture Net-NTLM hashes. To be used for serving payloads on compromised machines for lateral movement purposes.

yangzhongke 中文版文档(Chinese version) Zack.OpenCVSharp.Ext It is an extension library of OpenCvSharp. It provides ResourceTracker, which can facilitate the resources

dcsoft-yyf DC.NET Protector An open source tool to encrypt .NET assembly file, help people protect theirs copyright. Background Many .net developers are worry ab

LittleZen Cyberpunk 2077 | Easy Patcher This software allows you to easily install all the patches from CyberEngineTweaks, created by yamashi. For any problems,

ITAYC0HEN Sunburst Cracked Sunburst is the trojaned version of SolarWinds Orion that contains a malicious backdoor in a class named OrionImprovementBusinessLaye

rvrsh3ll NoMSBuild MSBuild without MSbuild.exe. Shellcode injection using D/Invoke sample from here: https://gist.github.com/jfmaes/944991c40fb34625cf72fd33df1

cisagov Sparrow.ps1 Sparrow.ps1 was created by CISA's Cloud Forensics team to help detect possible compromised accounts and applications in the Azure/m365 env