Newest releases

mez-0 .NET 4.0 Share Hunting and ACL Mapping

Drnxloc-Dev Auto ADB LDPlayer Release Bao Gồm

keyone2693 The regions and divisions of Iran including a list of all provinces, cities, districts, cities, towns, and villages which you can search and access with LINQ syntax

sleevezipper Provide useful sensors and services from your workstation to Home Assistant.

20chan Censors bad language automatically

zenjia MvvMChart is a simple, MVVM support and highly customizable WPF/UWP chart control

tarikguney Automating management tasks to help managers focus on more strategic wins.

gizemcifguvercin This project is about how we can send news to related news agency. You can look at Use Case, Architecture, Technical Overview on README file

B1eed A small tool for file transfer using OSS in the Red Team operation

Tyrrrz Contextual offers a simple foundation to provide and consume implicit parameters using stacked contexts. Inspired by React's Context API.

VShawn PRemoteM is a modern remote session manager and launcher, which allows you to open a remote session at any time and anywhere. Fornow PRemoteM supports multiple protocols such as RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet, sFtp.

Dewera A manual syscall library that supports both ntdll.dll and win32u.dll

Redth A playground with some conceptual generators that could be used in Maui / Single Project

DomDom3333 WinForms based, Programmatically generated Wallpaper maker which makes Minimalist/Modern Art style wallpapers.

davidortinau In this sample I display a visualization of each easing and then present a simple editor with playback for that easing. Also included are many custom easing formulas not provided "out of the box" in Xamarin.Forms to demonstrate ho

Zaid-Ajaj Full Stack F# powered by ASP.NET Core on the backend and modern React on the frontend.

smartlockpicking Bluetooth Low Energy hardware-less HackMe

geeknoid Prototype source generator model for .NET

hotnops A tool to create COM class/interface relationships in neo4j. It is designed to be run once on a developer system, and it will take a few hours to complete.

xoofx A lightweight utility library to create a Roslyn AdhocWorkspace from an existing solution/csproj, by capturing the CSharp compiler emited command while rebuilding the project. This can be used primarily for syntax tree inspection/

dr4k0nia Dealing with simple modded protections like sizeof() mutations can be annoying. Unscrambler is meant to be used as an addition to de4dot fixing a number of protections not supported by de4dot.

andreluizsecco Example of implementation of the Unit of Work Pattern

RayWangQvQ .Net Core 编写的跨平台的B站任务工具,通过GitHub Actions实现每日线上自动运行任务:每日自动登录、观看、分享、投币视频,获取每日任务的满额经验,轻松升级Level 6,实现自动领取大会员权益、月底自动为自己充电等功能。

FuzzySecurity StandIn is a small AD post-compromise toolkit. StandIn came about because recently at xforcered we needed a .NET native solution to perform resource based constrained delegation. However, StandIn quickly ballooned to include a num

pCYSl5EDgo This is a C# Source Generator. This let you embed files in your application. You do not need to use Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream anymore.

mjebrahimi Unobtrusive Ajax Helpers (like MVC5 Ajax.BeignForm and Ajax.ActionLink) for ASP.NET Core

kagurazakasanae A lib that allows using mhyprot2 driver for enum process modules, r/w process memory and kill process.

CCob BOF.NET is a small native BOF object combined with the BOF.NET managed runtime that enables the development of Cobalt Strike BOFs directly in .NET. BOF.NET removes the complexity of native compilation along with the headaches of m

Team-Tototototoro A solution for converting CSV's to Scriptable Objects in editor.

FabriBertani Plugin.XamarinAppRating gives developers a fast and easy way to ask users to rate the app on the stores.

semickolon GodotRx is a set of reactive extensions for Godot C#, currently with signals, lifecycle methods, and common input events as observables.

amis92 A list of C# Source Generators (not necessarily awesome), because I haven't found a good list yet.

NicolasDorier Helping you to block mainstream media to keep your sanity