The audio player that keeps it simple

Dopamine Dopamine is an audio player which tries to make organizing and listening to music as simple and pretty as possible. This version is written using Electron, Angular and Typescript. The original Dopamine (for Windows), whi

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catdevpete Unity-MIDI-Piano This is a demonstration of the Piano project that I've been working on. It is now ready (for the most part) for public use by developers for their projects. For those who may not b

0x15B4 This program can draw images on MS Paint (or any other similar graphics editors) by taking control of the mouse. This can only draw images in binary colors and all the images will be converted to binary when drawing. This project was inspired by r/Python

StefanJo3107 Unity Image Effect that replicates retro ASCII rendering seen in games such as Rogue and Dwarf Fortress

EmotionEngineer Video player with content analysis function for age rating

Blazored The easiest html5 video implementation for Blazor applications.

zephyo A collection of visual Unity experiments with latest packages (URP, Shader Graph, Cinemachine, etc).

shanselman A .NET core based scene switcher than connects to OBS and changes scenes based note meta data. Put "OBS:Your Scene Name" as the first line in your notes and ensure the OBS Web Sockets Server is running and this app will change your scene as you change your PowerPoint slides

anastasiadevana HeadphoneMotion is a plugin for Unity3d that exposes Apple's Headphone Motion API (CMHeadphoneManager) in Unity.