Samples for ML.NET, an open source and cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET.

Note: We'd love to hear your feedback about ML.NET. Let us know your thoughts in this survey. ML.NET Samples ML.NET is a cross-platform open-source machine learning framework that makes machine learning accessible to .NET d

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SciSharp The Open Source AI Chatbot Platform Builder in 100% C# Running in .NET Core with Machine Learning algorithm.

derenlei Localize 2D image object detection in 3D Scene with Unity Barracuda and ARFoundation.

n00mkrad Flowframes Windows GUI for video interpolation - Supports RIFE, RIFE-NCNN, DAIN-NCNN, CAIN-NCNN networks.

keijiro HDRP10 HDRP10 is a video format converter for Unity HDRP that allows HDR video output via Windows HD Color. Left: Standard dynamic range. Right: HDR e

keijiro EmotionFerPlus is a failed attempt at implementing an emotional recognition component using the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

keijiro jp.keijiro.apriltag is a Unity package that provides an implementation of the AprilTag tracker.

keijiro UltraFaceBarracuda is a Unity sample project that shows how to run the UltraFace face detection neural network model on the Unity Barracuda.

keijiro MeetBarracuda is a human segmentation filter that runs the MediaPipe Meet Segmentation Model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.