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mindcollapse MalwareMultiScan Self-hosted VirusTotal / OPSWAT MetaDefender wannabe API for scanning URLs and files by multiple antivirus solutions. Check out the d

keijiro FaceLandmarkBarracuda FaceLandmarkBarracuda is a facial landmark detector that runs the MediaPipe face landmark detection model on the Unity Barracuda

Kara-4search HellgateLoader_CSharp Blog link: working on it Base on the original Hellgate project down below: https://git

jsuarezruiz .NET MAUI code samples The samples in this repository demonstrate how to use different aspects of .NET MAUI to build cross-platform apps for iOS, Andr

DelvUI A plugin for Dalamud that aims to replicate the ElvUI experience in FFXIV. A lot of inspiration is taken from ToxiUI. Discord

keijiro BodyPixBarracuda is an implementation of the BodyPix person segmentation and pose estimation model that runs on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

keijiro YoloV4TinyBarracuda is an implementation of the YOLOv4-tiny object detection model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

keijiro M-LSD line segment detection model for Unity Barracuda

Interactml This is an interactive machine learning framework for Unity3D. It allows developers the ability to use interactive machine learning in running games.

keijiro IrisBarracuda IrisBarracuda is an eye landmark detector that runs the MediaPipe Iris model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library. Ab

keijiro FaceMeshBarracuda is a facial landmark detector that runs the MediaPipe Face Mesh model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

keijiro MeetBarracuda is a human segmentation filter that runs the MediaPipe Meet Segmentation Model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

keijiro HDRP10 HDRP10 is a video format converter for Unity HDRP that allows HDR video output via Windows HD Color. Left: Standard dynamic range. Right: HDR e

keijiro jp.keijiro.apriltag is a Unity package that provides an implementation of the AprilTag tracker.

keijiro UltraFaceBarracuda is a Unity sample project that shows how to run the UltraFace face detection neural network model on the Unity Barracuda.

keijiro EmotionFerPlus is a failed attempt at implementing an emotional recognition component using the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

n00mkrad Flowframes Windows GUI for video interpolation - Supports RIFE, RIFE-NCNN, DAIN-NCNN, CAIN-NCNN networks.

derenlei Localize 2D image object detection in 3D Scene with Unity Barracuda and ARFoundation.

SciSharp The Open Source AI Chatbot Platform Builder in 100% C# Running in .NET Core with Machine Learning algorithm.

G0ldenGunSec .Net port of the remote SAM + LSA Secrets dumping functionality of impacket's By default runs in the context of the current user.

hanmin0822 御坂翻译器—Galgame/文字游戏/漫画多语种实时机翻工具

amzn Computer Vision Basics in Microsoft Excel By Alok Govil, Principal Engineer, Amazon (LinkedIn Profile) Collaborator: Venkataramanan Subramanian, Principal Engineer, Amazon Computer Vision is often seen by software de

microsoft Microsoft Rocket Video Analytics Platform A highly extensible software stack to empower everyone to build practical real-world live video analytics applications for object detection and counting/alerting with cutting ed

SciSharp Keras.NET is a high-level neural networks API, written in C# with Python Binding and capable of running on top of TensorFlow, CNTK, or Theano. It was developed with a focus on enabling fast experimentation. Being able to go from

SciSharp Trello is used to track SiaNet devlopment activities. You are welcome to watch any task and track progress. Suggestion will be put on the wishlist and then will be planned out for development

CMU-Perceptual-Computing-Lab OpenPose Unity Plugin is a wrapper of the OpenPose library for Unity users. It provides formatted OpenPose output and some examples. OpenPose is a real-time multi-person system able to jointly detect human body, hand, fac

SciSharp TensorFlow.NET (TF.NET) provides a .NET Standard binding for TensorFlow. It aims to implement the complete Tensorflow API in C# which allows .NET developers to develop, train and deploy Machine Learning models with the cross-pla

SciSharp NumSharp (NS) is a NumPy port to C# targetting .NET Standard. NumSharp is the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with C#. Is it difficult to translate python machine learning code into C#? Because too man

Microsoft Samples for AI Samples for AI is a deep learning samples and projects collection. It contains a lot of classic deep learning algorithms and applications with different frameworks, which is a good entry for the begin

SciSharp The Open Source AI Chatbot Platform Builder "Conversation as a platform (CaaP) is the future, so it's perfect that we're already offering the whole toolkits to our .NET developers using the BotSharp AI BOT Platfor

Microsoft Microsoft AI Lab What is AI Lab? AI Lab helps our large fast-growing community of developers get started on AI. You can experience, learn and code the latest and greatest innovations from Microsoft AI here. A

dotnet Infer.NET Infer.NET is a framework for running Bayesian inference in graphical models. It can also be used for probabilistic programming. One can use Infer.NET to solve many different kinds of machine learning problems