Windows log viewer for log4j

Logazmic Minimalistic log viewer for nlog. Supports only log4j xml layout yet. Core is based on Log2console. UI is rewritten in WPF with usage of MahApps.Metro Supports: Listening on tcp/udp Opening *.log4j f

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yaakov-h This is a library for .NET / .NET Core to log your program's output to a handy Notepad window!

itsvse A plug-in that counts the usage of .NET application resources, including: CPU usage, GC, thread status, support for obtaining status information through web requests (access paths and authentication can be customized), and data will be returned in JSON format.

dotnetcore HttpReports is an APM (application performance monitor) system for Net Core. Based on MIT open source protocol, The main functions include statistics, analysis, visualization, monitoring, tracking, etc´╝îIt is very suitable for use in microservices.