Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful charts, maps and gauges for .Net

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tomzorz A tool that helps you paste an image or text from your clipboard as a file.Built using .net core, a few WinForms APIs and an extra sprinkle of p/invoke shell commands.

lyuma This is an emulator for Avatars 3.0 reimplemented in the unity editor on top the the unity PlayableGraph API, using the AnimationControllerPlayable and AnimationLayerMixerPlayable APIs.

provencher This repo is a mirror of the bare minimum extracted components to fully utilize the MRTK Standard Shader without needing to include all of MRTK.

keijiro KinoFeedback2 is an example of a Unity HDRP custom pass that implements an old-school frame feedback effect.

gasgiant Fast Fourier Transform ocean waves simulation for Unity. This is a prototype. Not recommended for real projects.

cecarlsen A set of tools to make camera and video projector calibration slightly easier in Unity. This is useful for AR/XR and projection mapping setups. It contains two packages: TrackingTools and TrackingTools.KinectAzure.