Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful charts, maps and gauges for .Net

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shimat OpenCvSharp Cross platform wrapper of OpenCV for .NET Framework. Old versions of OpenCvSharp are stored in opencvsharp_2410. Installation NuGet Package Description Link

codebude QRCoder Info QRCoder is a simple library, written in C#.NET, which enables you to create QR codes. It hasn't any dependencies to other libraries and is available as .NET Framework and .NET Core PCL version on NuGet.

mono It provides a comprehensive 2D API that can be used across mobile, server and desktop models to render images.

Ryhon0 ImageSplitter Image splitter is a program which allows you to split images into squares, originally created as a command for a Discord Bot. It uses System.Drawing to and gifsicle to conver images to .gif files Download

Roland09 Path Paint Tool The Path Paint Tool is a free and Open Source extension for the Unity Terrain Tools. It is a Path Painter which allows you to modify the Unity terrain in order to create paths, roads, river and lake beds, mountain

VahidN DNTScanner.Core DNTScanner.Core is a .NET 4x and .NET Core 2x+ wrapper for the Windows Image Acquisition library. Install via NuGet To install DNTScanner.Core, run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

IridiumIO Generate APNG Images for Steam Game Covers. Prerequisites .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Included with Windows 10 1803+ by default) FFMPEG 3.0 or higher - Needs to be installed and added to your PATH Environment Variable, or pla

zavolokas Inpainting .NET implementation of content-aware fill (also known as inpainting or image completion) in image processing domain. What is it for? Content aware fill is used to fill in unwanted or missing areas of