A dungeon generator for Unity

DungeonGenerator A dungeon generator for Unity. Based on the TinyKeep dungeon generator. Article can be found here: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/AAdonaac/20150903/252889/Procedural_Dungeon_Generation_Algorithm.php Minimum S

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hadashiA The extra fast, minimum code size, GC-free DI (Dependency Injection) library running on Unity (IL2CPP).

chetu3319 A Unity plugin for easily binding fundamental properties of a class to the Normal's Normcore networking module. The plugin provides a generic networking model which can be configured and connected to sync multiple properties of classes over the network.

Fewes A small GPU-based component designed to aid in cleaning and refining satellite/DEM based terrains directly inside Unity.

yourwishismine A remake of the 1980 Exidy Sorcerer game written by JOSEPH R. POWER

astralojia A free pixel-art upscaler for Unity using the Creative Commons 0 license, designed specifically for game developers. Open-source and for use commercially and non-commercially, both the source and what you run through it are both completely free to modify, use and sell.

keijiro Utility extensions for Unity standard Gradient class

Emzi0767 A toolkit for managing Among Us games. Primarly aimed at Discord, specifically muting people outside of meetings, and muting during meetings.